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“God the Father” Message Series
November 29 & 30 – December 20 & 21 #nwGodtheFather

Our view of God often changes. In the Old Testament, God the Father seems full of punishment, wrath, and vengeance, while in the New Testament, God the Son seems loving, merciful and gracious. The two pictures of God’s character are like night and day, as if God’s personality underwent a drastic change, ushered in with the birth of Jesus on Christmas morning.

Yet, every Christmas, we celebrate how God the Father, after years of exile, slavery, wandering, and silence, finally sent his Son. Immanuel. God with us. We celebrate this momentous and mysterious occasion where God the Father responds to the cries of the people, sending His son to redeem the brokenness on the earth. Join us this Christmas season as we learn that God the Father always has been and always will be a God of generosity, protection, and salvation.

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