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Student Ministries at North Way

We’re all searching for answers, wanting to know who we are, why we’re here, and what this life is about. School: teachers, classes, clubs, grades. Home: family, activities, rules, expectations. Sports: teammates, practice, games, winning. Friends: everyone, no one, parties, girlfriends/boyfriends.

With so many different layers, and so many voices competing for attention, it’s hard to determine what this life really is about. We want to know if there is something that reaches deeper, that doesn’t expect or require things of us, that doesn’t hurt, that can really satisfy and fulfill. In our student ministry, our students find direction in the space provided to discover what is deep, real, satisfying, and fulfilling by encouraging a relationship with God.

Wexford Campus

NW Students is starting up again September 11 here at Wexford! Here’s a sneak peak of some of the fun we’re going to be having this fall…

9/11 NW Students Kick-Off! [Entourage Series Launch]
9/28 Mid-Week Study Groups Begin
10/9 Fun Night [Judgement Call Series Launch]
11/11-13 Middle School Laurelville Weekend
11/18-20 High School Laurelville Weekend
11/27 TURKEY BASH! [Comparison Trap Series Launch]
12/4 Christmas in the City

Oakland Campus

Middle and High School Ministry Fall Kick-Off "Egg Knights" | 5pm, Sunday, Sept. 11 | NW Oakland First Floor | Our Middle and High School ministries are kicking off this fall on Sunday, September 11 at 5pm at NW Oakland. We will be participating in "Egg Knights." Join us if curious. For more information contact JJ Faltot.

Sewickley Valley Campus

Connect with Sewickley Valley Student Ministries:

East End Campus

Student Ministry meets every Sunday at 4pm in the Ministry Center (5941 ½ Penn Ave). Expect hang out time with students from area schools, crazy games, biblical teachings from Ryan Lancia, and food. Questions? E-mail Ryan at ryanl@northway.org.

Dormont Campus

For more information about Student Ministry, please email Ted Deitrick.

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