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Save the Date for d4 Pittsburgh: Igniting a New Generation of Disciple-Makers
Friday, July 15 and Saturday, July 16, North Way Wexford
Whether you’ve been actively making disciple-makers or haven’t yet figured out how to get started, we’ve got exciting news! d4 - the two-day making disciple-makers conference - will be hosted at North Way this summer! Over the past four years, more than 50 people from our church have attended d4 conferences in Colorado Springs, Nashville, and Cleveland, experiencing teaching, worship, conversation, and community alongside national and international thought-leaders on the subject. Click here to learn more.  

Growing In Faith - Discipleship
Making disciple-makers means reproducing the character, ways and mission of Jesus in those God brings around you, expecting them to do the same in others.

As a disciple of Christ, we are called to replicate Jesus’ ways, character and mission. Identifying someone who is a few steps ahead of you in his or her faith and asking to be discipled can be transformational in your life and in your walk with God. You’ll spend time getting to know God and getting to know one another by meeting regularly and walking through a discipleship tool one-on-one or in a small group. North Way also regularly offers an on-campus, small group environment called, “Prepare: An Introduction to Christianity,” as a way to begin your discipleship journey.

Part of being a disciple of Christ includes being a disciple-maker. Once you have been discipled through the foundational ways, character and mission of Jesus, it then becomes time for you to do the same for others. Identifying someone - or a group of someones - a few steps behind you in faith and asking to meet regularly to walk through a discipleship tool (Prepare, A Discipleship Journey or Discipleship Essentials) will be one of the most rewarding ways to invest your time. If you’re interested in learning how to disciple others, North Way regularly offers a Making Disciple-Makers Lab to help equip you to do so.

Foundational Discipleship: The First 60 Days
Foundational discipleship introduces the basics of what it means to follow Jesus, such as how to begin a relationship with God, learning how to pray and read the Bible, and what it means to be baptized and experience the community of the church. At North Way, foundational discipleship can be completed by going through Prepare: An Introduction to Christianity, either with a friend or on-site within a small group.

Formational Discipleship: The Next 6-12 Months
Formational discipleship establishes the essentials of what it means to follow Jesus, such as learning about the character of God, practicing spiritual disciplines, and making disciple-makers. At North Way, formational discipleship can be completed by going through Discipleship Journey or Discipleship Essentials with a friend or with a small group of people.

Email mdm@northway.org to purchase discipleship workbooks, available at your campus for $15.

Not Sure Where to Begin?
Take this quick quiz to determine your best next step toward making disciple-makers or send email to the contact at your campus listed below.

Discipleship Testimonies

Wexford Campus

Questions? Contact Kristin Radascy .

Oakland Campus

Questions? Contact Luke Condra.

Sewickley Valley Campus

Questions? Contact Jodi Renner.

East End Campus

Questions? Contact Jon Mathieu

Dormont Campus

Prepare: An Introduction to Christianity
7pm, Sundays, February 21 - March 30
Register here.
Questions? Contact Justin Lee

Completing Your Journey
Nearing the end of your formational discipleship journey? Consider celebrating your relationships, marking the end of your time together, and commissioning your disciples to become disciple-makers with a meaningful gift or a special celebration. One option available to you to use as a meaningful gift is a commemorative coin inscribed with “Making Disciple-Makers” and “Matthew 28:18-20.”

Click here to request one or more making disciple-makers coins for $4 each.

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