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“Share Your Story!"

Our stories reveal His story. Our personal stories help us remember and celebrate that God is alive and at work in the world. Sharing our story is one way we can honor and praise God for the work He is doing in our lives. We’d love to hear what God is doing in your life.

Rachel Welty

I had been hearing about Re:Call, and I knew the night focused on “Renew” was possibly the only night I could come out. Wayne's message about following Christ reminded me that I really need to wake up every morning and conscientiously follow the one I said I'd follow. The only choice is to abandon our lives for Him, and the time is now. Not when we find the time in our busy schedules.

Just as great was the opportunity I got to sit and pray with two middle school girls. At first I didn't really know what to pray for, and God gave me the words. They eventually each shared with me a little bit of what they're going through, and it was truly awesome to get to hold these two wonderful, unimaginably loved daughters of God, encourage them, and just be someone who cared. I thank God for this awesome opportunity!

Zoe Deloris Pell

     At Re:Call I was blessed to be part of the youth that stood up front. First of all, it was incredible being able to worship surrounded by people who loved the Lord as much as I do. Even better that those people were my best and closest friends. Earlier in the week, me and some friends went to the Jesus Culture concert, where we witnessed some serious healings. Praise God! At this time I had gotten very, very sick. My throat felt like someone had rubbed sandpaper all along the back. My lymph nodes were extremely swollen and it hurt to swallow anything but hot tea. At the very end of Re:Call, I saw a little boy about 6 years old praying over my best friend. So I asked him if he would like to pray over my throat. Those nearby who heard me came and joined our circle and the little boy just started off: "Pain, go! Pain, go!" he said. And I agreed with the healing, knowing and resting fully in God's power. The next morning, I could swallow! It didn't hurt at all. In fact, at a doctor's appointment that morning she did a routine check up and mentioned that my lymph nodes weren't swollen at all- and she had no idea that I had gotten prayed over last night!!!! All glory to God. It was incredible!

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