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Engage and Influence: A Study of Daniel Part 1 - June 20 & 21 – July 11 & 12
Today, Christians of all ages feel the tension or are overwhelmed by a culture that challenges beliefs, is less Christian than the past, and seems to be faithless. Daniel lived in an extremely hostile culture; yet remained faithful, courageous and loyal, which was attractive and transformative to his world. Join us this summer as we study the life and book of Daniel – one of the best models we have for engaging and influencing culture today. #nwDaniel

One of our long-time members and small group leaders, Judy Stecklow, has been working closely with Dr. Jim Platt to provide additional content to help you engage and influence culture as we study the book of Daniel together this summer. To receive (via email) a devotional reading each week of the series, text NORTHWAY to 42828 or simply download from the link below.

Daniel, Introduction and Background of Israel
Daniel, Week 1 Daily Devotionals

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