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North Way Wedding Planning Process

We are pleased that you have chosen North Way Christian Community for this very special day in your lives as you unite in marriage. As a church, we highly regard Biblical marriage and commit significant time and resources to help you prepare for this most important relationship. In order to serve our church community as effectively as possible, we do request that you or an immediate family member are a regular attendee or member of North Way Christian Community.

Steps in Preparing for Your Wedding
We have learned over many years that following these wedding preparation guidelines will result in a more meaningful wedding ceremony and greater success in your marriage. Please complete the following steps for getting started with having your wedding at North Way.

Step 1: Wedding Information Form
Your first step in the process is to complete the online wedding information form. This form will gather your basic wedding information such as names, addresses, etc. Once completed, you will receive a username and password for viewing the pre-marital video & questionaire (Step 3).

Click to complete wedding info form.

Step 2: Review the Following Documents
Your next step to read through the following wedding documents. If you plan to hold the wedding at any North Way campus, you'll need to carefully read the Hold Harmless Agreement, sign and return to the North Way Office.

Click to download North Way's Wedding Brochure.

Click to download North Way's Guidelines & Requirements document.

Click to download North Way's Hold Harmless Agreement document.

Step 3: Watch the Pre-Marriage Video & Questionairre
Your final step in this registration process is to watch the pre-marital video and answer some questions. You will need to use your login username and password that you receive via email after completing Step 1 above.

Click to begin the Pre-Marital Video & Questions.

Last Things
Once you've completed the above three steps you will be given the opportunity to have three sessions with one of North Way's professional marriage coaches. Additionally, you will meet once or twice with the officiating pastor of your wedding. If you have any questions, comments, etc. about North Way's marriage process, please feel free to contact us at North Way Weddings.


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