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For six years, North Way has worked with LAMP to provide over two hundred mentors to children in Homewood. Students with a LAMP mentor have demonstrated significant improvement in their academic performance and ability to address the challenges they face. North Way is making a huge difference in this neighborhood! Many children are eagerly waiting for a mentor. Join this divine transformation in our city and sign up to become a mentor today!

For more information contact Kelly at kellyp@northway.org, check the “LAMP’ box on your Communicator, or speak to one of our LAMP team members in the lobby.

L.A.M.P., the Learning Assistance and Mentoring Partnership, is a collaboration between the Pittsburgh Public Schools, Family Guidance, Inc., and area churches, including North Way Christian Community, to serve high-risk, gang-prone youth from middle and elementary schools. The vision of L.A.M.P. is to impact the City of Pittsburgh, one student at a time, by matching a church (or churches) with a specific Pittsburgh public school to serve and provide mentors to the school’s students. North Way partners with the Helen Faison Arts Academy in the Homewood neighborhood in the East End of the City of Pittsburgh.

In May, 2011, L.A.M.P. turned five years old. This short film recalls our Biblical foundation, our successes, our challenges, and the important work that God is doing in Homewood. There are always opportunities for volunteers to meet the needs of students through L.A.M.P.

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