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Q: Where is Pittsburgh Faison K-5, and why was North Way matched with this school?

A: The Pittsburgh Faison K-5 School is located on Tioga Street in the Homewood section of the City of Pittsburgh.
The students who attend Faison face significant risk for educational failure as defined by the school district. Over 85% of the students who attend are eligible for “Title I” services targeted to students and families with low and moderate incomes. A closer review of the students and the neighborhood reveals many students must overcome serious barriers – academic, social, and environmental – to learning on a daily basis. Education and mentoring professionals have indicated that the students and families at Faison continue to benefit measurably from the support of LAMP

Q: How can I help?

A: North Way has created four teams of volunteers to assist students and families at the Helen Faison campuses: One-to-One Mentors, Family-to-One Mentors, School-based Mentors, and Prayer Support.

Q: Why do I need training?

A: The introductory training combines basic mentoring skills training with an orientation to the Faison Academy and its community. Through our partnership with Family Guidance, Inc. – the most successful and experienced faith-based mentoring organization in Pittsburgh – we want to equip all of our volunteers with the tools they need to be successful. These tools include essential training in mentoring and cultural proficiency provided by Pittsburgh Public School District’s expert consultant team. While some of our volunteers are experienced educators and community activists, they have all been enriched by the high quality of training provided by Family Guidance, Inc.

Q: Is there a minimum time commitment to be a mentor?

A: Yes. When you agree to become a mentor, we require a minimum one-year commitment. Experienced mentors have identified consistency and reliability as important issues in the lives of the children we seek to serve. In some cases, it may take close to a year to develop a meaningful relationship with a child on a weekly basis. If this is a requirement, because of your other commitments, you believe you cannot fulfill, that is perfectly acceptable. As you can see, there are a number ways to serve the children.

Q: Do I need a certain educational or professional background to be a School-based Mentor?

A: No. You only need a heart to serve these kids who face so many obstacles to learning. Experience with teaching and/or raising children is helpful but not necessary. Mastery of academic skills - mathematics, reading, writing, science, and others - is NOT required.

Q: In LAMP’s first five years, were we able to make any academic progress?

A:Yes! Whether it was improved grades, higher standardized test scores, fewer absences or disciplinary incidents, God has done significant work in the lives of Faison students. Many of our mentors report significant improvement by the children they are serving, and several students who began in LAMP years ago have now graduated high school and entered college studies.

Q: May I serve on more than one team at a time?

A: Yes, many of our volunteers participate on a number of levels in LAMP. It is not unusual for a volunteer to serve as a School-Based mentor and serve as a One-to-One or Family-to-One Mentor. The only limit on your participation is your time.

Q: What is Family Guidance?

A: Family Guidance is a comprehensive Christ-centered organization that was established in 1964. Family Guidance provides training, support, and mentoring supervision for the LAMP mentors.

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