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North Way Missions & Outreach

North Way’s outreach focuses on partnering with churches and established organizations to aid in the desperate state of disenfranchised, abandoned, and orphaned children locally, nationally, and globally.  We believe that transformation can happen by delivering practical resources to meet needs and developing and implementing long term solutions.  We believe that the local church is a vital part of this mission and endeavor to partner with and establish churches that influence and develop indigenous leaders to carry out lasting and growing movements.

A Message from Pastor Scott Stevens
A Message from Pastor Scott Stevens about
Transformational Outreach at North Way Christian Community


House of Manna | House of Manna serves the community of Homewood and teaches the love of God by offering many opportunities for study, fellowship, and spiritual growth.  North Way Christian Community serves meals at the weekly Friday night gatherings every other month, and there are many other opportunities to be involved. Sign up to volunteer here.

Women's Choice Network is seeking volunteers. Learn more . . . Click here for upcoming events.

Women's Choice Network Diaper Derby | 10am - 1pm, Saturday, June 11, Pittsburgh Zoo | A mission opportunity for kids 5 and under!| Children five and under compete in kid sized races that benefit moms who have chosen life in local neighborhoods. The Pittsburgh Diaper Derby is about babies helping babies! | The event is June 11 but registration is required early so that families can reach their minimum fundraising goals. Fundraisers receive free zoo tickets and admission to the Diaper Derby (valued at over $50) and are eligible for great prizes. Details at pghdiaperderby.com. Click here for more information.

Light of Life Serving Opportunities * Anyone interested in serving can sign up on the Light of Life volunteer database:
  • Tuesday, May 3 | Day of Giving Match | Light of Life is looking for people who would contribute to a dollar for dollar match available to donors through the Pittsburgh Foundations Day of Giving.
  • Friday, May 27 | Tour with Tunch & Wolf | You'll get to hike all over the city of Pittsburgh while making unique stops along the way such as KDKA studios and several local restaurants for food. We ask for a suggested donation of $1,000 to participate in this experience.
  • Saturday, June 11 | Tunch & Wolf’s Walk for the Homeless | Option to participate in the walk or volunteer to serve as: Setup Crew from 7-8am, Registration Team from 7am-10am, Guides from 8am-12pm (making sure people know where to go), Serving Food from 8am-1pm, or Breakdown/cleanup from 12-2pm.
  • Thursday, July 21 | Day of Hope Picnic Outreach | Over 100 volunteers are needed to serve that day.
  • Food prep from 1 - 3pm Monday through Friday every week. Clients have class every day at 1pm so much help is needed during this time to help prepare dinner.
  • Driving the van every Saturday morning to Target in the South Hills Village at 10am to pick up food donations
For more information on how to get involved in these or other Light of Life serving opportunities, contact Emily.

Open Hand Ministries Monthly Serving Opportunity * Open Hand Ministries (OHM) renovates homes in East Liberty and Garfield to prepare them for ownership by disadvantaged families who live in those neighborhoods and participate in OHM's family care program. They also partner with community organizations to complete “community care” home repair projects for East Liberty and Garfield residents. On the first Saturday of each month, and every Wednesday, OHM has a “work day” where volunteers work on these home renovation, repair and clean-up projects along with skilled contractors and members of OHM's leadership. Activities on work days may include various cleaning, demolition and construction tasks.  Construction and/or renovation experience is appreciated but in no way required - volunteers of all skill levels are welcome! Click here for more information. To volunteer, contact Jodi Salant.

Sponsor a Child, Pittsburgh Kids Foundation Haiti Project * The PKF is partnering with three centers in Cap Haitien, Haiti where North Way sends short-term mission teams (EBAC, IDADEE, and New Vision Children’s Home).  Our partners there care for the basic needs of orphan children and nurture their relationship with Jesus Christ. Consider sponsoring one of the 140 children living in these homes and make a difference in a child’s life.  For more information visit www.pkfchildsponsorship.com 

Sponsor a Child, Raising Kids – SEAPC Global Sponsorships * SEAPC has joined with different ministries to form partnerships for purpose; helping children in need. Through these partnerships, orphaned and abandoned children receive shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, loving nurture from Christian caregivers and the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Consider sponsoring one of the over 500 children living in these homes currently located in Cambodia, India and Myanmar. For more information, visit www.seapc.org/how-we-serve/raising-kids/

Recommended Studies for Small Groups (All available on Amazon.com)
* When Helping Hurts: The Small Group Experience by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert (six sessions)
* A Passion for the Fatherless: Developing a God-Centered  Ministry to Orphans by Daniel Bennett (7 week study)
Book Studies:
* Just Courage: God's Great Expedition for the Restless Christian by Gary Haugen
* Orphan Justice by Johnny Carr
* Western Christians in Global Mission: What’s the Role of the North American Church? by Paul Borthwick


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Global Outreach

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Contact Shannon Libengood or 724.935.6803 ext. 1212 if you have additional questions.

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