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Adult Short Term Missions Trips

North Way considers short term mission trips a key discipleship tool in the life of a believer. A cross-cultural ministry trip, whether around the world or to the inner-city, has the potential to be one of the most life changing events you will experience. As a team participant, you will experience God working in and through both you and your teammates as you step out of your normal daily routines and into new adventures. Trips usually last 7-10 days and the training provided is designed not only to prepare participants for the trip, but disciple them into becoming more devoted Christ-followers.

Student Short Term Mission Trips - CLICK HERE 

Honduras Adult Short-term Mission Trip 

October 18 - 24, 2014: $1800 (Open) - Application is due June 1st, 2014                                        

The OrphanCare Ministry of North Way supports several locations in San Pedro Sula, Honduras in the areas of caring for disenfranchised children and supporting and strengthening families in impoverished communities. The Honduras Mission Teams travel under the support of Buckner International, a Christcentered ministry dedicated to community transformation initiatives around the world. Our work is focused in several facilities and involves direct ministry to children, various construction projects and engagement of partner churches & organizations.


October Mission: Randy Blincow at randyb@northway.org 

October 2014 Honduras Mission Application


Honduras Adult MEDICAL Short-term Mission Trip

October 17-24, 2014: $1800 (Open) Application is due June 1st, 2014

New this year we’re adding a medical component to the Honduras adult mission trip. This medical mission to San Pedro Sula, Honduras will focus on children and families who utilize the Las Brisas community transformation center as well as other local outreach efforts which have been supported by North Way. Particular areas of need for this trip include pediatricians and dentistry professionals, although all medical professionals will be appreciated.


October Medical Mission: Dr. Andy Adams at AAdams1@wpahs.org

 October MEDICAL Missions trip 2014



China Adult Short-term Mission Trip

May 23-June 7, 2014:  $3400 (Closed)

This team will support and work with the Shock’s and Schweinberg’s at Hope’s House and will assist in hosting the International Children’s Day Gathering of the Foster Care Network on June 1. The team will also work at the Foster Care Network Rehab Center and encourage Westerners who lead group homes for handicapped children. Support and work with Becca Fullmer and Starkey’s as servants to their ministries. Fly in & out of Beijing—Given opportunity to see Great Wall & Prayer Walk Tianamen Square.

Contact: Charlie Beck @ Charlie@becktrek.org                      

Nicaragua Adult Short-term Mission Trip

May 17 - 25 2014 $1800 (Closed)

Partnering with North Way missionary Daniel Bain, our team will work with young children at a protective home for children, and partner with Daniel’s local church, El Faro, in its ministry to people living in La Chureca, Managua’s city trash dump.

Contact; Dan Speicher @ danspeicherphoto@gmail.com

 Thailand Adult Short-term Mission Trip

June 1 - June 10, 2014: $3000 (Closed)

This mission trip is designed to be a mixture of meaningful service, challenging work, and spiritual growth that will lead to a life-changing, eye-opening, faith-building experience. The team will be supporting Bill and Susie Antolec and Chris and Esther Hoagland with their work with high school and college students. Focus is on teaching English, prayer walking, and connecting with HIV families through their foundation, Shoulder-to-Shoulder.

Contact: Pastor Scott McCabe @  scottm@northway.org



Cuba Adult Short-term Mission Trip

October 4-11, 2014 - $3500 (Open) -  Application is due May 1st, 2014

This team will be training church planters and focuses primarily on relationship building and ministry to adults. The team will observe, teach, encourage and pray for developing church leaders in Cuba during this week long mission. $2000 is the trip cost and $1500 is for a church plant.

Contact: Charlie Beck at Charlie@becktrek.org

Cuba Adult Mission Trip Application 2014



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