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Multi-Site Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is North Way choosing to launch multi-sites? 

North Way wants to leverage our church’s strengths and maximize our potential 
to impact local communities around the region. Launching multi-sites helps to 
develop an intentional, region-wide strategy that is unique to each community 
while minimizing expenses. North Way’s new sites will not be separate churches 
but multiple locations of North Way Christian Community. We will operate as one 
church with one lead pastor, one group of Elders, one staff and the same 
message each week. One Church. Multiple Locations. All Generations. 

What is the difference between a multi-site church and a church 

A church plant is usually a small delegation of people who leave a church to 
develop a brand new church. While the sending church may help financially, 
typically a church plant is a completely new church with its own elders and 
budget. Multisite campuses are extensions of the original church, not a new 
entity; one church meeting in multiple locations. 

What are the advantages of launching multi-site campuses? 

Statistics show that people prefer to attend a church within a 15 minute drive of 
their home. When people are required to drive more than 15-20 minutes to 
church, it becomes a challenge to attend services regularly, volunteer and 
experience deeper involvement in their church community. In addition, we want 
to see North Way Christian Community expressed into different areas around the 
region so that we can have a greater ability to reach people right where they are. 

How does North Way determine where to launch new campuses? 

First and foremost, we pray and look for God’s distinctive activity to determine 
location.  We also seek wisdom from our staff and elders, practical 
considerations and a core of dedicated members living in the area.

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