Wexford Campus Times:
5PM - Saturday
9AM, 11AM - Sunday
11AM - Worship Cafe - Sunday

Student Ministries at North Way

We’re all searching for answers, wanting to know who we are, why we’re here, and what this life is about. School: teachers, classes, clubs, grades. Home: family, activities, rules, expectations. Sports: teammates, practice, games, winning. Friends: everyone, no one, parties, girlfriends/boyfriends.

With so many different layers, and so many voices competing for attention, it’s hard to determine what this life really is about. We want to know if there is something that reaches deeper, that doesn’t expect or require things of us, that doesn’t hurt, that can really satisfy and fulfill. In our student ministry, our students find direction in the space provided to discover what is deep, real, satisfying, and fulfilling by encouraging a relationship with God.

Wexford Campus

Middle School and High School Student Ministries
Meet 6:30 - 8:15pm, Sundays, South Venue
  • Nov. 29: No Student Ministry
  • Dec. 6: Beach Party Christmas
  • Dec. 13: Student Ministry
  • Dec. 20: Christmas in the City (for details and registration information, click here)     
  • Dec. 27: No Student Ministry
  • Jan. 3: No Student Ministry
High School Small Groups
Small groups are where students are truly challenged to grow and become disciples of Jesus. Groups happen throughout the week in homes and other locations. Each group is unique, but with the same goal: to teach to truth to the next generation in a way that helps it come alive and is applicable to their lives! Contact any of the group leaders to talk about what it means to get involved and to understand more about the group. 

Vince Giordano: Middle School Goups
Time: Wednesday @ 6:30pm
Location: Student Lounge
Contact: vincentg@northway.org

Brit Saylor: High School Girls (Small Group)
Time: Monday @ 6:30pm
Location: Panera Bread
Contact: brittanys@northway.org

Karen Fitting: High School Co-Ed (Bible Study Group)
Time: 7-8:30pm Wednesdays
Location: 640 Lincoln Road, Bradfordwoods, PA 15015
Contact: fitting@zbzoom.net

Zach Denton: High School Guys (Small Group)
Time: Tuesdays @ 7pm
Location: North Way Wexford
Contact: DentonZT1@GCC.EDU

Larry McCutchan: High School Guys (Small Group)
Time and Location: TBD
Contact: larrymccutchan@gmail.com

Andrew Lamarca: High School Guys (Discipleship Group)
Location and Time: Thursday at 7pm
Contact: andrewl@northway.org

Middle School Ministry Leader Contact Vince Giordano 
High School Ministry Leader ContactKevin Syes

Oakland Campus

Christmas in the City * Dec. 20 * NW Oakland * Details and registration here.

For more information about our High School & Middle School Ministries, contact oakland@northway.org.

Sewickley Valley Campus

Sewickley Valley Student Ministries . . . for middle school and high school students (6-12th grade) throughout the Sewickley Valley!

Upcoming Events
Dec. 6: Beach Party Christmas
Dec. 13: Caroling, Karoke & Cookies
Dec. 20: Christmas in the City (bus leaves from the Ministry Center to NW Oakland; details and registration here)

Pastor Brad Beggs
Director of Sewickley Valley Student Ministries

Brad graduated from Geneva College in 2007 with a Bachelors in Christian Studies & Student Ministry. He also has a Masters Degree in Biblical Theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

He and his wife Amanda, daughter Myla and baby on the way, live right in the heart of the village of Sewickley. Brad loves all things Pittsburgh but most of all enjoys time with his family.

He is an avid runner, and considers it a privilege to serve the Sewickley Valley under the name of Jesus!

Brad can be reached by email brad@northway.org or calling 724.935.6800.

Connect with Sewickley Valley Student Ministries:

East End Campus

Christmas in the City * Dec. 20 * NW Oakland * Details and registration here.

Student Ministry meets every Sunday at 4pm in the Ministry Center (5941 ½ Penn Ave).  Expect hang out time with students from area schools, crazy games, biblical teachings from Ryan Lancia, and food. Questions? E-mail Ryan at ryanl@northway.org.

Dormont Campus

Christmas in the City * Dec. 20 * NW Oakland * Details and registration here.

For more information about our High School and Middle School Ministries, please contact us at dormont@northway.org.

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