Wexford Campus Times:
5PM - Saturday
9AM, 11AM - Sunday

Reproducing the character, ways and mission of Jesus
in those God brings around you,
expecting them to do the same in others.

Prepare: An Introduction to Christianity
Prepare is a great place to begin your discipleship journey. This five-week small group experience introduces the basics of what it means to follow Jesus, such as how to begin a relationship with God, how to pray and read the Bible, and what it means to be baptized and experience the community that can be found within the church. Click here to learn more.

Making Disciple-Makers Lab
Part of being a disciple of Christ includes making disciple-makers. If you’re interested in learning how to disciple others, consider signing up for this two-part workshop. You'll discover North Way's vision for making disciple-makers, gain exposure to discipleship tools and techniques, and practice facilitating a discipleship group of your own. Click here to learn more.

How to Study the Bible
Here are 4 simple principles that will help guide your time in the Word. It doesn’t have to be over complicated! If you’d like to dive in right away, download our guide on How to Study the Bible and perhaps begin practicing by working through Ephesians 2:1-10 as you read the document.

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