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Growing In Faith

Are you wondering what a relationship with Jesus Christ really means? Whether you’re simply in a place of research and discovery, or have recently started to follow Christ in a more personal way, we are here to walk alongside you in your journey of faith. After every worship service, pastors, elders, and our staff members are available to have a conversation with you about some of the questions you may be processing while discovering what it means to be a Christian.

Umbrella: Stepping Under God’s Grace
Through August 1/2 #nwUmbrella 

If you’ve ever been stuck in a steady rain, you know what it’s like to long for shelter. Many of us have been steadily soaked by the failures and wounds of our past, while lacking the shelter of grace. Whether our past has been self-inflicted or imposed upon us, a shelterless life often means shame and suspicion. What would it look like to step under the umbrella of God’s grace? What kind of hope, forgiveness, and healing would we discover? Join us for a three-week series that helps us overcome the past, experience forgiveness, and seek shelter under God’s grace.

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Prepare: A Tool for Foundational Discipleship

Think back to some of the most important moments of your life: a wedding, birth of a child, new job, first day at a new school, graduation, or moving somewhere new. What do these milestones have in common? Preparation! We prepare for every major event in our lives, and usually the more we prepare, the greater the rewards and joys of the experience.

Another major milestone in your life is that Jesus has asked you to follow him. Responding to this invitation is more important than anything else you’ll ever do. And so, as with any journey, we need to prepare. But how do we plan for a relationship with the God of the universe? This four-week tool will help answer that question and prepare for the lifelong adventure of following Jesus
The goal of this tool is two-fold. One, if you are a newer or maybe even a non-believer, what are the major Christian themes that you need to consider in order to decide to believe and follow Jesus, or not? Or maybe you’re a strong believer, but you’re just not sure how to begin explaining why you believe what you believe to others. In the course of four weeks, with the help of sermons, readings and discussion questions, you’ll be prepared to do so with confidence. If you are trying to figure out the basics of your faith, if you’re a parent and want to do a better job explaining faith to your children, if there’s a person in your life who’s maybe even asking questions about God and you don’t really know where to begin, then this tool is for you.

Prepare: A Tool for Foundational Discipleship


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