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Planning Center
Opportunities To Serve

Life-giving ministry at all of our North Way campuses is able to occur because of the incredible passion and hard work of our volunteers. God calls us to serve others, faithfully administering his grace in many forms. Once a week, once a month, or even once a quarter, we have opportunities for you to get involved in ways that will create new relationships in your life, shape your character to look more like our Lord’s and help to place a strong foundation within our church.

God creates, calls, and even commands all members of the church to use their gifts to help and to serve others. As Paul says in Ephesians 2:10, "We are Gods workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." No matter what ministry you choose, it is important to the Lord and to his church. 

Wexford Campus

Open Table
Your life experience, intellectual capital and network can help transform poverty. With the Open Table Model, our church is forming Tables.  A Table is formed by 10-12 volunteers who bring their vocational and life experiences along with their personal networks to an impoverished family for approximately one year. Together, with the Brother and Sister being served, the Table develops and implements a customized LifePlan that can empower the family to live into their human potential God gave to them.  For more information on Open Table, email debic@northway.org.

Production Team Volunteers Needed
Be a part of the amazing team that makes our weekly worship services happen! E-mail Jason: jasonl@northway.org.

Volunteer to Serve
We have lots of ways you can volunteer here at the North Way Wexford Campus. These include hospitality in services, helping the food pantry at the church and out in the community by mentoring for LAMP, just to name a few. Please contact Kristin Radascy.

Oakland Campus

Our worship team seeks to create an atmosphere in which people can be led by the Holy Spirit to encounter the greatness of God. Whether it’s through music, creating moments for our congregation to pray together or individually, or focusing our attention on specific aspects of God’s character through Scripture the worship team seeks to lead each person who attends a service into God’s presence. For more information, contact Dan.

Production Team volunteers make our worship services and special events happen. Our  production volunteers manage sound, lighting, and slides during every weekend service and special event. Whether it’s by managing slides so that any person can know and sing a worship song, or running lighting and sound equipment to ensure there are no distractions during a service, this team helps people encounter God. For more information, contact Sarah.

Creative gifts, like photography, writing, visual art, graphic design, and videography, enable people to see and experience God’s beauty and the beauty of His creation. Our creatives draw on their gifts to create aesthetically appealing works that point people to God, cultivate a sense of awe and wonder, and help to reveal God’s greatness in new and unexpected ways. Our creatives use their gifts to draw people into worship. For more information, contact Sarah.

Family Ministry
Family Ministry volunteers invest in the lives of the next generation by intentionally sharing their faith with children. Whether a child is a few months old and in our Nursery or in our Student Ministry and about to graduate High School our volunteers impact the lives of every child in our ministry. These volunteers help shape our children and teenagers into the servant-leaders God has created them to be. For more information, contact Jonathan.

Our hospitality team designs and creates a welcoming environment where every person, no matter their background or life experience, can walk into a church service or special event and immediately know that they’re valuable. Hospitality volunteers, by greeting at the doors, handing out the Notes, conversing around coffee, and helping locate seats during services, confer worth to every person who attends North Way. For more information, contact Allison.

Safety Team
Every week we want people to come to church and know that they are in a place that is emotionally, spiritually, and physically safe. Our safety team volunteers work to provide a physically safe environment in which people can experience God. Safety volunteers respond to emergency situations, provide medical assistance, and ensure the physical security of every person - adult and child - attending a service or special event. For more information, contact Allison.

We want to reach college students with the Gospel and help them grow in their faith. It’s important for college students to participate in worship services and to interact with a community of believers who will encourage and support them. Sometimes the only obstacle to a college student attending church is transportation. Our shuttle drivers ensure that any college student who wants to attend church can do just that. For more information, contact Dan.

The administrative team provides the framework that enables our church to accomplish our mission in Oakland and throughout Pittsburgh. Our administrative volunteers ensure no person falls through the cracks by doing the work to connect people to other people, groups, ministries, and internal and external serving opportunities. These volunteers are unsung heroes, working behind the scenes to ensure that we fulfill our mission to free people to follow Jesus. For more information, contact Allison.

Our parking team is our first impressions team. This team helps people find parking in one of our three lots or on a nearby street. Parking team volunteers confer value to every person who attends a service or special event not only by assisting every person in locating a parking spot, but also by warmly welcoming every person, giving directions, and answering questions. For more information, contact Allison.

Sewickley Valley Campus

You are needed at North Way Sewickley Valley! The following ministries offer great places to begin serving within the church. If you are interested in serving, but not sure where, feel free to contact Amanda Beggs. She’d be more than happy to help you navigate the options available to you.

The Hospitality Team creates a warm and welcome environment on Sunday mornings by parking cars, greeting guests and members, providing baked goods, brewing coffee, collecting each week’s offering and serving communion. If interested in serving on the Hospitality Team, contact Amanda Beggs.

Kidz Ministry
The Kidz Ministry Team desires to leave an imprint on the life of a child while creating a loving and safe environment, providing Scripture-based teaching and worship, and partnering with parents to equip them with tools necessary to teach the virtues of Jesus at home. If interested in serving on the Kidz Ministry Team, contact Jenn Fossee

The Membership Team walks alongside new members at North Way Sewickley Valley by coordinating and attending membership classes, as well as helping to connect new members to the life of the church. If interested in serving on the Membership Team, contact Amanda Beggs

Missions/Transformational Outreach
The Missions/Transformational Outreach Team aims to improve the desperate state of at-risk children locally, nationally and globally by sending the local church to deliver practical resources, meet needs, and develop and implement long-term solutions. If interested in serving on the Missions/Transformational Outreach Team, contact Josh and Katie Gmys. 

The Production Team provides an excellent worship environment each week through set design, lighting, slides, video and sound. If interested in serving on the Production Team, contact Peter Hrydil

Setup/Tear Down
The Setup/Tear Down Team creates a place for the church to gather each week by setting up and tearing down trailers, carts, chairs, curtains, ministry spaces and more. If interested in serving on the Setup/Tear Down Team, contact Peter Hrydil.  

Student Ministry
The Student Ministry Team ministers to middle and high school students throughout the week by building relationships, leading small groups and intentionally investing into the lives of students. If interested in serving on the Student Ministry Team, contact Brad Beggs.  

Instrumentalists Needed for Worship Ministry
North Way Sewickley Valley's Worship Ministry leads our community into worship each week by singing or playing an instrument. We are blessed to have amazing volunteers and are always looking to add to the team, especially in the areas of: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, bass and drums.  If interested in serving on the Worship Team, contact Brad Beggs.

East End Campus

Volunteer Opportunities * Please consider serving our church family by volunteering in one of these areas:

Kidz Church (ryanl@northway.org)
Student Ministry (ryanl@northway.org)
Tech & Production (jschweinberg@northway.org)
Safety Team (jmathieu@northway.org)

Just email the appropriate address above for more information!

Happy English Corner Serving Opportunity
Can you speak English? The Happy English Corner at the Pittsburgh Chinese Church of Oakland needs your help once or more each month on Tuesday’s from 6:45 pm to 9 pm. That’s it, no preparation or homework! Just show up and speak and listen to Chinese students and scholars and be blessed. For more information go to PCCOakland.org/hec/job and click on Speaking Assistant or call Scott or Sheryl Myhr at 412-450-0506.

For more information about our Outreach Ministries at East End, please contact  Jon Mathieu.

Dormont Campus

Volunteer with Worship Team
 If you play an instrument, sing, or love sound engineering, join our worship team. Email Adam: adamf@northway.org.  

Volunteer with Tech Team
You don’t need experience to volunteer with the Tech team! Training included. Email Jeremy: jeremyn@northway.org or check the Serving Opportunities box on your communicator. 

Volunteer with Hospitality Team
There are many ways to be part of this team. Right now, we have a need for parkers (welcoming people and helping them find a space to park) and greeters/ushers (greet attendees before and after service, help gather offering). Check the Serving Opportunities box on your communicator or email Sandy: sandyw@northway.org

Student Ministry Small Groups 
We are launching small groups for middle and high school students. If you are interested in learning to lead a group, contact Sandy: sandyw@northway.org

Kidz Church Serving Opportunities
Kidz Church is a ministry led by volunteers who desire to leave an imprint on  the life of a child while creating a loving and safe environment, providing  scripture-based teaching and worship, and partnering with parents to equip them  with tools necessary to teach the virtues of Jesus at home. Learn more. Contact Jenn at jenniferm@northway.org

For more information please contact us at dormont@northway.org.

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