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"Choosing Turbulence"
Sept. 12/13- Oct 3/4 #nwChoices
Spiller of coffee, jostler of luggage, filler of barf bags and rattler of nerves. Turbulence arrives suddenly, filling the cabin with tension and anxiety. Many of our lives are filled with spiritual turbulence: anxiety, tension, turmoil and strife. We wonder when the pilot of our souls will find some smoother air in the higher elevations, but nothing seems to be changing. Nobody chooses a turbulent flight, but the same is not always true of spiritual turbulence. Perhaps it's unintentional, but is it possible that we are spiritually choosing turbulence instead of smoother skies? There are only four places in the Scriptures where we are explicitly told “this is the will of God.” This series will examine these explicit statements, helping us to choose God’s way instead of our own often turbulent choices.

North Way welcomes Author Margaret Feinberg during our #Wonderstruck series - October 24/25
Margaret Feinberg is a popular Bible teacher and speaker at churches and leading conferences such as Catalyst, Thrive, and Women of Joy. Her books, including The Organic God, The Sacred Echo, Scouting the Divine, Fight Back With Joy and Wonderstruck and their corresponding Bible studies, have sold nearly one million copies and received critical acclaim and extensive national media coverage from CNN, the Associated Press, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and more. Learn more about Margaret


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