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Global Partners

Dr. Sherry: Worldwide

Children’s Ministry International. Children’s Ministry International exists for the purpose of fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission by raising up an army of fully equipped National Teachers committed to reaching the children of all nations.

Reverend Dr. Sherry, originally from Pittsburgh, PA area, is a full time missionary, specializing in equipping the Church, to reach children and in particular, children at risk, due to abandonment, human trafficking, etc. She has ministered for more than 25 years in 87 countries around the world. She trains leaders to mobilize and equip their churches to have a strong children’s ministry -- thus a stronger church, and to reach children at risk in their region of the world.

Mark & Cathy Szymanski

United World Mission: Strategic Initiative Development in 35 Nations. Rapid changes in the global mission world requires understanding and implementing new structures and processes. There are many changes but three major changes include: The inclusion of and working together with national workers who are coming from almost every nation in the world; facilitating new generations of long term missionaries; building international businesses that create new ways of supporting national workers and their movements of gospel expansion which includes not just evangelism but holistically meeting needs such as poverty, health, water, food, and economic development.

These new initiatives are a few in which we are working to develop sustainable, healthy and expandable models.

Contact Mark Szymanski via email for information.

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Mary Cay Burt: China

Mary Cay is based in Pittsburgh but works to reach the unreached in China through evangelism, training and printing literature and resources to equip and train the Chinese church. She and her late husband, Nick Burt, along with their daughter, Caytie, began ministering in China in 1993 and established China Passage in 2000, mobilizing many to go to the field to areas no foreigner entered. The minorities of China are being reached one by one through evangelism and by helping the needy with education, medical and housing needs.

More recently Mary Cay has been ministering in Tibet, a Communist, restricted nation that does not like to see the Gospel spread, but where the persecuted church continues to press on. She has helped bring in supplies for the destitute, and is working to establish a prayer center in the Tibetan village that was the last place her husband ministered, so many different Chinese groups can gather in a centralized location to pray.

Their vision remains to reach the unreached and spread God’s love in every dimension that they can with the gospel and action.

For more information or to request newsletter updates please contact Mary Cay.

Charlie and Sharon Beck, MTEC International, USA

Charlie and Sharon became official North Way partners in 2011 when Charlie transitioned into full-time ministry from his position on the staff as Missions Pastor. They began MTEC International (Mobilizing, Training, Equipping, Connecting to the Nations) in 2008 and primarily work to train and mentor university students to effectively reach the nations for Christ, thus raising up the next generation of missionaries.

For more information visit the website click here.


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