Amanda’s Story

Amanda knew from a young age that she was called to serve God radically. She currently serves with an organization dedicated to reaching specific people groups with the hope of the Gospel of Christ. Her team has been blessed to have an area that is continuing to expand, and so prayers are appreciated for her and her team to cover the area effectively. Amanda enjoys prayer walking the regions she visits and sharing the love of God and the message of Jesus with those she encounters. She meets many people who have never heard of Christ and is encouraged by how God is stirring hearts!  

About Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia consists of countries that are geographically south of China, east of India, north of Australia and west of New Guinea. There are 705 total Unreached People Groups across Southeast Asia. Apart from Christianity, Islam and Buddhism are the other primary religions in the countries that comprise Southeast Asia. There is a great need for discipleship and Biblical literacy among the Church.

Ways to Pray 1. For the Holy Spirit to be opening the hearts of the people in the areas they are working in. 2. Wisdom and clarity and guidance from the Lord.

Southeast Asia Facts Population: 643,532,000 Pop. in Unreached People Groups: 331,897,000 Percentage of Population Unreached: 51.6% Countries: 11