April 24, 2018 | YWAM Pittsburgh July Student Trip Preparation

This past Sunday, the Pittsburgh YWAM Student team met for the first time! We shared our names (along with an animal alliteration – Karlie Komodo Dragon here), discussed the appropriate posture for serving, shared our excitements and worries, and paired up in prayer partners for the next few months! We want to share a few things we’re looking forward to and some things we’re nervous about, in hopes that you will join us in the excitement and pray with us through the nerves. As we prepare to obediently go where the LORD is calling us, we’re excited about meeting new people, sharing our faith with them, and hopefully having the chance to encourage them! At the same time, we’re nervous about how to share our faith with strangers without sounding too preachy, saying the wrong thing, or hurting someone’s feelings. Some of us have been on this trip before, and we’re excited to see our old friends, and many of us are excited to spend time getting to know and play with the kids in the community. We’re also just excited to hear people’s stories, pray with them, and all the while be growing in our own relationship with the LORD. But we also recognize that growth often comes through uncomfortable situations, so we’re nervous about the unfamiliar challenges we might face (and learning to trust God through them), getting out of our comfort zones, and just simply (for many of us) doing a mission trip for the first time. If you could be praying for our team for all of these things, as well as for safety while on the trip and hearts that see what the LORD is doing (whether we get to directly be a part of something amazing or not), we would so greatly appreciate it! And, if you’d like to support the team financially as well, you can do that here. -Karlie, North Way Oakland Family Ministry Director P.S. We also spent some time tied in knots – a tried and true ice-breaker if there ever was one. 😉