August 1, 2017 | We made it through Day 1

We made it to Tegucigalpa! It was a long day with an early morning flight to Miami and on to Honduras. The team did an amazing job of coming together at the Pittsburgh Airport to get all of the extra bags that we brought to Honduras for our host, Dr. Lisa Anderson-Umana, and her ministry here. Bekah and AJ were the first to arrive at the airport to the hysteria of professional wrestlers from WWE being mobbed by fans for autographs. They even sat next to a wrestler named the Big Show (7 feet tall and nearly 400 pounds) on the flight to Miami. When we arrived in Honduras, everyone chipped in to get all of the bags to Lisa and we were off and running exploring a new city! Even though we were a bit tired, we regrouped as Lisa led us on a city walk and some cultural reflection exercises to help us to understand the culture in Honduras. We learned a lot together! This really is an amazing group, and we’re excited to serve. Everyone is staying with their host families throughout different parts of the city tonight and for the next few days. Our (McCabe family) host family has been showing us amazing hospitality since we arrived. We’re already overcoming the language barriers and getting to know everyone in the family. Their kindness has been incredible. Looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep and jumping into Day 2 tomorrow. God is blessing our team and guiding our steps. We all definitely appreciate the prayers!