August 1, 2018 | Day 2

Last night, we all drove up to Mount Washington to debrief and share stories about the day (and of course take a lot of pictures). Below are just a few of the things that the students shared. Keep praying for us — God is moving! “We talked to a man at solarium and he seemed really nice! We did an activity with him asking him about his life and what he would want it to look like someday, and what his viewpoint on God was. He said that he wanted a better job, as he was a rejected professor. Then Karlie volunteered me to pray for him. I was terrified, but God slowly but surely gave me the words to pray over him, and something must have clicked with him because when he walked away he told us we had changed his whole day around.” Maddie C. “I spent last school year in the country of Qatar in the Middle East. On this YWAM trip I was excited to hear that we would be doing a VBS in Greenway with many Muslim kids. As I was there today, I recognized a word in Arabic as well as many of the names from Arab friends in Qatar. I enjoyed meeting 13 and 15 year old girls from Yemen and explaining about how I lived in the Middle East last year, which started a connection with them. It was really cool to have the experience of living in a Muslim country and spending time with Muslim friends because I was able to make a better connection with the kids and understand more about their culture.” Annabel B. “Last night at Prospect Park I had a great conversation with a boy during regroup. He was sitting there really quiet and not answering any of the questions so I reached out to him and started to ask him the question on my own. He was pretty timid at first but eventually I got him to open up and he answered a question I asked him. He then started to ask me questions about God. He asked me, ”so who made God?” I honestly don’t know but this is the answer I had. I told him I don’t know I think He was just there. After that he asked me who made the world. I explained to him that God made EVERYTHING and I told him to look all around, I said do you see the trees, everything around us God made that and said He loved it very much but want to know something really cool, God also made you and He LOVES you SO MUCH. That put a smile on his face and that put a big smile on my face! He asked me why did God make us I told him that God made us to share His word with others. I then started to explain how much God loves us and told him how Jesus died for us and how because He died when we mess up we sin we can ask for forgiveness and we can have it. Later when we were almost done with everything and were playing with the kids for the last couple of minutes before they had to leave he came back up to me and asked, so who made Jesus, I explained that God made Jesus to die for us on the cross to forgive us of our sin again. I thought that was really awesome that he actually walked up to me on his own and wanted me to share things about God with him -- that definitely put a smile on my face!” Angelo Z.