August 2, 2017 | Pittsburgh YWAM Students – Day 2

Tuesday was just as good as (if not better than) Monday down here at YWAM! Levi Cole, one of our students, shared a devotional with the team to start the morning off, and then we just spent some quiet time with the Lord before heading out for the days events. We had another full morning of kids camp in Carrick and Mckeesport, and evening of kids camp in Prospect. During the middle of the day though our students had some pretty exciting and new territory to step into… While we have been here at YWAM the base staff has been training our students on some practical, and very effective ways of sharing your faith with someone you don’t know very well. We have gone over how to share your testimony and this tool called the “Wordless Book” in our trainings (which I encourage you to ask your kiddos about when they get home so you can see how it works! It’s very cool). So on Tuesday to activate some of the training the YWAM staff took groups of us out onto the streets of the South Side and Oakland campus to do some street evangelism, where we spent a good hour or so talking to people that we didn’t know about Jesus. It was so cool watching our small groups of students & leaders walk up to a stranger, and ask if they could pray for them, or share the gospel. I was amazed at our students bravery and willingness to act outside of their comfort zones. We had one of our students lead a 16 year old boy to Christ just through the interaction that occurred during that time, and there are many other truly amazing stories that I can’t wait for you to hear from your students. I also just recently learned from the base director here that there are still over 20,000 refugee’s living in the city of Pittsburgh, and YWAM reaches only about 500 of them. A majority of the refugees that are coming here have never even been told the story of Jesus since most are coming from a background of Hinduism or Buddhism culturally. It’s just crazy to me that we have this huge population and outreach potential in our backyard, and many of us don’t even know that it exists! So keep praying for our team. Pray that we would have boldness to continue to step into things that are new and beautifully challenging, and pray for the refugees in OUR city! Pray that the Lord will continue to send people out into these neighborhoods and streets to share the good news of Jesus Christ to a group of people who desperately need it just like the rest of us. And also pray for energy for our leaders and students! We’re coming up on day 3, which is usually a pretty rough one for energy. So I’m just believing and praying for a supernatural amount of joy, strength, and energy over our team so we can love on the kids that the Lord brings us well. Please join me in that and we’ll update again soon! -Brit