August 2, 2018 | YWAM Day 3

Day Three — One full of children and tag and walking and water games (ask the students to play drip, drip, drop!) and evangelism and getting out of our comfort zones! After dinner and our last VBS of the day, we stopped by Page Dairy Mart for some ice cream before heading to the Point for fountain fun and story sharing. Here are a few stories from yesterday: “One of my favorite parts of the 3rd day was when we were finished with the VBS with the Greenway kids and we started splashing water on each other. During evangelizing I met a little boy who was visiting from China and he had a soccer ball and a lot of energy so I offered to kick it around with him. He was so sweet, and when we departed he and I screamed bye back and forth. Prospect Park was fun as always. The kids were so excited that there were double prizes today. I saw my friend Moe Moe again and I can see her love and knowledge for the Lord. All in all it was and amazing day and I really want to come back next year.” Bethany M. “Going into this trip I expected to change the lives of these kids but little did I know it would be the opposite. One little girl, Christina, she is now my best friend, and has a piece of my heart forever. This little girl changed me and I hope that in some way our group has changed her too!” Kelsey M “This week has been amazing so far! It has been full of love, fun and amazing kids. One of the kids that has stuck out to me for the past two years was a little 6year old girl named Drina. Drina is a loving caring kid with a spirit for the Lord. She may not fully understand who God is but she definitely shows the light of God through her fun personality. Every day that we would arrive at Prospect Park she would come running up to me jump up on me and then we would go off and play on the monkey bars. For her this week I had learned that God can work through kids in miraculous ways! She has shown me the love of God and inspires me to be more loving every day.” Liza M “YWAM Adventure was amazing. Yesterday was a good day. I had fun running around with the kids making some relationships. The one kid that stood out to me was Arby because I can see he is a special kid and he is blessed with God. I hope that we can maintain a relationship and keep on building a relationship when he gets a little bit older.” Tracy E