August 3, 2018 | Surf City Post Trip

On our way back from Surf City we had an awesome week of fun and bonding in community with each other while we all got to experience God’s presence in a fresh way. Many of our guy students in our younger cabin opened up for the first time about things they had been struggling with. It was awesome in my cabin particularly to see the guys rally around each other and encourage each other. These moments are ground breaking and for years they will be talking about praying for each other and edifying each other. Some of boys have been showing immense curiosity and had heard from God for the first time! One of our 8th grade girls, Abigail, had a bad muscle pull/tear in her quad and had it wrapped. She couldn’t walk on it and had to use crutches during the week. At worship on Wednesday night Abby felt like God spoke to her that He was going to heal her leg. And Abby walked out of club with no crutches and was 100% again! God healed Abby. Later that evening we all gathered at the outdoor theater and Kristen led is in worship. This was also an awesome moment and something new for us to do that night. Abby got to share her testimony of God healing also. And… this Friday morning, Abby Helsel and Jess Link in 8th grade were baptized in the lake!! They had felt like God was putting it on their heart for them to do so.. so they did! It’s so incredible to see how God has been moving in our students lives and it is an honor to be a part of it. This trip has been so spiritually moving for all of us as leaders. I feel like God is calling our students to go deeper with Him. So many of them are mature in their faith and I see a hunger in them. And this trip was just a marker of all of this.