August 4, 2017 | Pittsburgh YWAM Students – Days 4 & 5

Day 4 we had beautiful weather (thank you Jesus!) and we continued our kids camps as planned- no more rain-outs hallelujah! We started to notice yesterday how much more community has been developed between our team and the refugees since we have been here all week. They are really starting to know us by name, and the children are getting attached. It will be really hard to leave today, but the beautiful thing is that if we want to visit we can just head down the road and come back (yay for local missions!). Last night in debrief we talked to the team about what God has been doing in their hearts through this trip and I was amazed. Theme’s like “overcoming fear”, and “stretching out of my comfort zone” were very common, and it was so awesome to hear how YWAM helped push us further out of our fear of man when it comes to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To me, that is one of the most powerful outcomes of this trip. We have seen and played with beautiful people, seen many come to Christ, loved on children and served homeless, but I think one of the most amazing things next to seeing salvations is watching our students walk with a new authority in the kingdom of God. This week we learned what it means to put fear in it’s place, at the feet of Jesus, and step out in the faith that our Lord is with us wherever we go…. which is something we will not be leaving behind at Pittsburgh YWAM. That lesson will follow us into our schools, homes, work, and daily lives, and help us to go back into our own places of influence knowing that what God did here, He will do again, and what we did through him here, we can do through him at home. That’s the beauty of short term missions. We have a week to meet new people, step out of our comfort zones, and form relationships with our team… but in the end one of the most impactful things about short term missions is the lessons that God teaches us in the middle of our new experiences, which we are then charged with taking home and sharing with the friends and family we interact with on a daily basis. SO I would say overall a resounding THANK YOU LORD is our response to this trip, it’s been an amazing one. We have our final day of kids camps today, and some final debrief with our team, and then we are heading back! Pray that our team finishes strong! We will see you back home.