North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

August 4, 2018 | Hike to the Mountain Church

Today the team made the difficult but gorgeous hike to the Mountain Church. Chris and Matt taught the adults about God’s view on marriage, while Brain, Maddie, and James discussed morality and purity with the young adults. Both of these talks were extremely well received and appreciated by the Haitian people. The rest of the team ran a fun and energetic KidsGiG with the children. The team shared God’s love with the kids while their parents got a chance to get a break and focus on their marriage relationship. On the way home from the church the team had an opportunity to stop at Mackendy’s business. Over the years North Way teams have worked closely with Mackendy through having him translate and manage the Joshua House. He is a true man of God and it has been an honor to watch him start his own business and steward God’s gifts well. In the heartbreak that can be found in Haiti seeing a man of God succeed and hearing the laughter of children reminds the team of the beauty in Haiti.