North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

August 9, 2018 | Beach Day!

After an exhausting but rewarding and life-changing week the team got a chance to relax and enjoy God’s beauty at the beach! The team used Haitian Creole Tour, which was started by individuals who have graduated from EBAC, so it is always great to see the success of EBAC graduates and continue to support their business. The team enjoyed fresh caught crab and lobster from local fishermen and spent time playing in the water and processing all of their experiences from the week. Rob and Bryan baptized Jackie and the team celebrated this joyous occasion with her! Some of the team members returned to the Compere house to say goodbye to Monica and the kids. The team was also able visit the Medical Clinic, and were impressed at the amazing work that is being done and the support this clinic is providing to the community. The team enjoyed once last Haitian meal and spent time with the friends they have made at the Joshua House before getting some rest for their trip home tomorrow. It has been a wonderful trip and everyone is sad to leave but excited to come home and see their families.