Lydia Bassoo

Hello! My name is Lydia Bassoo, and I am 25 years old. I moved here from South America hoping for better opportunity. I just graduated from La Roche College with a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies. I started off as an intern at North Way without really thinking what my path would look like. I knew I wanted to work with children in different areas, but I was still unsure. I had to trust God with many areas of my life. Moving here was a difficult decision because I left my family back home, but God guided me. Being an intern has been a blessing! I not only connected with the children, but also the families that come to North Way. I enjoy being on staff because everyone genuinely cares for you. I never really knew my “passion,” but through working at North Way I realized that my passion is working with others. Not only kids, but with the volunteers and parents around me. I have learned that caring and guiding others is what God wants us to do as Christians, and I will gladly take on that role. I am excited to be a resident because I feel like God is trying to use me in a different way to reach others and to go deeper in my faith. Donate to Lydia’s Residency