North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

Beaver Valley Campus Q&A at North Way Wexford

On June 11, 2017, Pastor Chris White led a successful Q&A at North Way Wexford! This event provided those from the North Way Wexford Campus an opportunity to ask various questions about the new North Way Beaver Valley campus, which will launch in February 2018. Pastor Chris began the Q&A by thanking everyone who attended and stated that he could not wait to grow and connect with them. He introduced some information about when the services will be taking place: The campus will start by having two Christmas Eve services this year, followed by three weeks of “Family & Friends Services” in January 2018, followed by the official Campus Launch on February 4, 2018. Pastor Chris then gave everyone the opportunity to ask him some questions! One critical question he answered concerned the difference between the Launch Team and the Core Team. He explained the difference as follows: the Launch Team includes the Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor, and various Champions from North Way Central Leadership who have chosen the campus location, create the timeline of events leading up to the Campus Launch, and who manage the initial budget for the Campus Build-Out; the Core Team is a team of people who have committed to help launch the campus for at least one year after the initial launch date. Additionally, the Core Team is made up of people from existing campuses, but could also be people currently not attending a North Way Campus, but are committed to the new Campus Launch. Another important question asked was if there was already a Campus Manager and a Student Minister. Pastor Chris explained they are currently searching for a Campus Manager, and it will take some time and patience to fill that spot. As far as the Family Matters Director, they are searching for a part-time person and hope to have that position filled by the end of September 2017. Pastor Chris also mentioned that these job opportunities will be posted on the North Way Christian Community website under Jobs & Internships. Towards the end of the Q&A, Chris shared a unique experience about speaking with a little boy who asked about being on the Core Team. The little boy asked, “How old do you have to be to be on the Core Team?” Chris replied, “How old are you?” “I am nine,” the little boy said. Chris then said with a smile, “I think that is how old you have to be!” Chris then explained how he obtained some contact information from the little boy’s mom so they could serve at Beaver Valley when the campus opens. As Pastor Chris wrapped up the Q&A, he stated that it is not too late to serve, and that Beaver Valley is always open to all the help they can get, including children! North Way is very seasoned at launching successful campuses all around Pittsburgh. As far as the structure of Beaver Valley, it will be modeled exactly as the other campuses are: Campus Pastor, Worship Director, Family Matters Director, Campus Manager/Adult Leadership & Development Director. Accordingly, the goal of NWBV will model the same concept as all the other campuses: to free people to follow Jesus! Pastor Chris White and the Beaver Valley Core Team are not only excited about what God is doing, but they are eager to reach out to the community! Join us at our next Q&A on June 25, 2017 at 12:30 p.m. at North Way Sewickley Valley.