Looking for a Christian church in Beaver County, PA? North Way Christian Community Beaver Valley is a non-denominational, family church in Rochester, Pennsylvania near Beaver, New Brighton and Monaca. We invite you to visit and worship with us Sunday! Connect to one another, whether it’s your first time attending our campus or you’re a fully engaged member of the church. At North Way Beaver Valley, we desire to create community as we live and walk together to seek, find, and know the living God. Rooted Rooted is a 10-week small group experience that provides the opportunity to connect with God, the church community, and your purpose in unexpected and life-changing ways. More information can be found here. Small Groups We believe strongly that one of the best ways to connect with one another, grow in your faith, and serve in and as the local church is to become part of a small group. For more information, click here or email Jamie Kendrew. Play Land & Lobby Hours North Way Beaver Valley would love for you to come hang out in our lobby and have a cup of coffee, while the kids have fun in our play land. Bring a friend for an overdue conversation, or your laptop to get some work done. Make yourself at home! Mondays: 10am-2pm; Tuesdays: 10am-2pm; Wednesdays: 2pm-6pm; Thursdays: 10am-2pm; and 2nd Saturday: 9am-12pm.