Whether you’ve never volunteered before or are ready to serve in a leadership role, we are all called to serve meaningfully in and as the local church. If you’d like to serve, but aren’t sure where, we’d love to help! Please contact Leslie Dinello. Guest Services The Guest Services Team creates a warm and welcome environment on Sunday mornings by parking cars, greeting guests and members, providing baked goods, brewing coffee, collecting each week’s offering, and serving communion. If you’re interested in serving on the Guest Services Team, please contact Leslie Dinello. North Way Kids North Way Kids desires to leave a lasting imprint on the life of every child by creating a loving and safe environment, providing Scripture-based teaching and worship, and partnering with parents to equip them with tools necessary to teach the virtues of Jesus at home. If you’re interested in serving on the North Way Kids Team, please contact Megan Bates. Outreach The Transformational Outreach Team aims to improve the desperate state of at-risk children locally, nationally and globally by sending the local church to deliver practical resources, meet needs, and develop and implement long-term solutions. If you’re interested in serving on the Transformational Outreach Team, please contact Val Lowery. Production The Production Team provides an excellent worship environment each week through set design, lighting, slides, video and sound. If you’re interested in serving on the Production Team, please contact Peter Hrydil. Student Ministry The Student Ministry Team ministers to middle and high school students throughout the week by building relationships, leading small groups and intentionally investing into the lives of students. If you’re interested in serving on the Student Ministry Team, please contact Joe Simonette. Worship Ministry North Way Sewickley Valley’s Worship Ministry leads our community into worship each week by singing and playing instruments. We are blessed to have amazing volunteers and are always looking to add to the team, especially in the areas of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, bass, and drums. If you’re interested in serving on the Worship Team, please contact Brad Beggs.