Starting Point

{section}Starting Point{/section} If you have questions about the Christian faith, are a new Christian, or are returning to church for the first time in years, Starting Point is an 8-week conversational environment held at North Way Oakland and designed just for you. To find out more about Starting Point, please email Allison Smith or sign up here.

Making Disciple-Makers Lab

{section}Making Disciple-Makers Lab{/section} Part of being a disciple of Christ includes making disciple-makers. If you’re interested in learning how to disciple others, consider signing up for this two-part workshop. You’ll discover North Way’s vision for making disciple-makers, gain exposure to discipleship tools and techniques, and practice facilitating a discipleship group of your own. Completing Your Journey Nearing the end of your formational discipleship journey? Consider celebrating your relationships, marking the end of your time together, and commissioning your disciples to become disciple-makers themselves with a meaningful gift or a special celebration. One option available to you is a commemorative coin inscribed with “Making Disciple-Makers” and “Matthew 28:18-20.” Email us to request one or more Making Disciple-Makers coins for $4 each. {link}/campus/wexford-campus/#ministries|Wexford{/link} {link}/campus/oakland-campus/#ministries|Oakland{/link} {link}/campus/sewickley-valley-campus/#ministries|Sewickley Valley{/link} {link}/campus/east-end-campus/#ministries|East End{/link} {link}/campus/dormont-campus/#ministries|Dormont{/link}