{vimeo}211523434{/vimeo} {section}Volunteer{/section} Serving meaningfully in and as the local church enables you to utilize your God-given gifts to bring glory to God and point others to Him. The incredible passion and hard work of our volunteers allows ministry to happen in our church, in our city, and throughout our world. Opportunities to Volunteer A few of our primary ways to volunteer are listed below, but there are many, many ways for you to get involved. One of our staff members will be happy to meet with you to help you discover the best place to use your gifts to support the mission of North Way. Guest Services Create a warm and welcoming environment during weekend services by directing traffic, maintaining a safe and secure environment, greeting at the front doors, providing helpful information to guests, serving at the café, collecting each week’s offering, and serving communion. Kids Ministry Leave an imprint on the life of a child by creating a loving and safe environment, providing Scripture-based teaching, leading worship, and partnering with parents to help them continue to teach the virtues of Jesus at home. Local Outreach Aid in reaching at-risk children by partnering with local churches and organizations to deliver practical resources and meet real needs right here in our communities. Short-Term Mission Trips Experience God working in and through you by stepping out of your normal, daily routine to serve with one of our global partners in places such as Haiti, Honduras, and Thailand. Student Ministry Help shape middle and high school students into the servant leaders God has created them to be by building relationships, leading small groups, and intentionally investing into the lives of students. Production Allow people to meet with God through managing sets, sound, lighting, slides, and video to create a creative and distraction-free environment for worship services and special events. Worship Create an atmosphere where people can encounter God by singing or playing a musical instrument on our worship teams. {link}/outreach/|Outreach{/link} {link}/contact-us/|Contact{/link}


The act of water baptism is an important step in your spiritual journey. Baptism is an outward expression of the grace of God in the life of a believer, and is symbolic of salvation, not a part of it. Therefore, we believe that anyone professing a personal faith in Jesus should be baptized as an adult.

Upcoming Baptisms

{section}More About Baptism{/section} Believer’s baptism has deep, significant meaning for our lives as followers of Christ. Being baptized after we have begun a relationship with Jesus Christ allows us to publicly express that we have indeed received God’s love, and in turn are committed to giving Him our entire lives. It’s also an opportunity to obey God and to mark ourselves as Christ’s followers as we follow his example of being baptized. Through the act of baptism, we become a part of God’s illustration, or story, of His love for humankind. As we are lowered into the water, those around us are reminded of Christ’s burial and the death of our old life. As we are raised out of the water, we are reminded of our new life through His resurrection. We would love to walk you through this step of faith, so our staff is always available to you to answer any questions. Please click any of the campus links for more information. {linkbox}Request More Information| https://my.northway.org/portal/get_form.aspx?id=b4f17c52-8435-48e1-b1ca-1b1ea5ad6aba|Wexford| https://my.northway.org/portal/get_form.aspx?id=1fb4c508-41cb-413b-a2c2-97fbe5994cc1|Sewickley Valley| https://my.northway.org/portal/get_form.aspx?id=e69c4d81-65cf-4bc0-937b-0f228ab1614e|Oakland| https://my.northway.org/portal/get_form.aspx?id=e5751e4e-0fb3-4a9f-bd26-0b84936edf81|Dormont| https://my.northway.org/portal/get_form.aspx?id=ff5c8379-f7cc-4f14-a177-eb58c893c2a4|East End| https://my.northway.org/portal/get_form.aspx?id=30fb1965-73e6-4f53-a192-5b6e6ee4c091|Beaver Valley{/linkbox} {aside}{/aside}