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{section}North Way Wedding Planning Process{/section} We are pleased that you have chosen North Way Christian Community for this very special day in your lives as you unite in marriage. As a church, we highly regard Biblical marriage and commit significant time and resources to help you prepare for this most important relationship. In order to serve our church community as effectively as possible, we do request that you or an immediate family member are a regular attendee or member of North Way Christian Community. {section}Steps in Preparing for Your Wedding{/section} We have learned over many years that following these wedding preparation guidelines will result in a more meaningful wedding ceremony and greater success in your marriage. Please complete the following steps to have your wedding at North Way. Step 1: Wedding Information Form Complete the Wedding Information Form. Once completed, the Community Care Coordinator will review your information and begin to process your request. You will be notified when a pastor has confirmed availability on your chosen date. Step 2: Wedding Date Confirmation, Deposit and Hold Harmless Agreement The wedding administrator will contact you to confirm availability. Confirmation does not guarantee the date for your wedding. The date will only be held when we receive a $100 deposit and the Hold Harmless Agreement (if the ceremony will be held at North Way) due within 30 days of your wedding date confirmation. Step 3: Pre-Marriage Videos and Questionnaires Watch the pre-marital videos and answer the corresponding questions here.   {resource}|Wedding Information Form{/resource} {resource}|Wedding Guidelines & Requirements{/resource} {resource}|Hold Harmless Agreement{/resource} {section}Final Steps{/section} Meet with a North Way Professional Marriage Coach (3 Sessions) After completing the pre-marital videos and questionnaires, contact the North Way Counseling Center (724.935.0680) to schedule your first session. Meet with the Officiating Pastor (2 to 3 sessions) Once you have viewed the videos and answered the questionnaires, contact the pastor to arrange your first session. Meet with the Wedding Coordinator  For Wexford and Sewickley Valley members or regular attenders, contact Karen Rose. For Oakland, East End or Dormont members or regular attenders, contact Christina Shaffer. We hope your marriage experience at North Way is one that you will treasure forever! If you have any questions, comments, etc. about North Way’s marriage process, please feel free to contact us.

Pre-Marriage Videos & Questionnaires

{section}Pre-Marriage Videos & Questionnaires{/section} You will watch five videos, between 5 and 15 minutes each, from our teaching team. After each video, there are questions for the bride and groom to answer. Those answers will be passed along to your officiating pastor and your marriage coach. Pastor Scott will introduce you to the wedding process; Pastor Kent will discuss what a Godly marriage looks like; Pastor Dave will discuss what it means to be equally yoked; Pastor Darren will discuss marriage and sex; and Pastor Scott will return to close the process with a few words of encouragement. Our recommendation is that you do not watch all the videos in one sitting. Instead, space them out over a week or two and take some time to discuss and answer the questions. {section}Pre-Marriage Videos{/section}

{vimeo}62281391{/vimeo} {vimeo}62440174{/vimeo} {vimeo}62447856{/vimeo} {vimeo}198712197{/vimeo} {vimeo}62703599{/vimeo} {section}Pre-Marriage Questionnaires{/section} Bride’s Responses Video 1 -- Bride Video 2 -- Bride Video 3 -- Bride Video 4 -- Bride Video 5 -- Bride Groom’s Responses Video 1 -- Groom Video 2 -- Groom Video 3 -- Groom Video 4 -- Groom Video 5 -- Groom