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{section}North Way Kids Volunteer{/section} If you want to be part of an exciting, close-knit team – and get a front row seat to watch Jesus impact the next generation – then the North Way Kids team is for you. The job descriptions below are suggestions of ways that you can use your unique gifts to pass your faith onto the next generation. As you are a blessing to our families, you will certainly be blessed! Welcome Team Welcome families and assist with check-in and check-out procedures. Help From Home Team Work on ministry projects at home. Administrative Team Work behind the scenes to provide an excellent, organized North Way Kids experience for our families. Room Coach Encourage, lead, and create community for the volunteers in your room. Room Coaches inspire volunteers and families with the vision behind what we do. PAC Leader Discuss and apply the lesson with a small group of children in a creative and impactful way. Kids Friends Provide one-on-one support for children with unique needs who would benefit from individual attention. Nursery Team Show the love of Jesus to our youngest children by rocking, playing with, and caring for them in a bright and clean environment. Tech Team Enhance the creative aspects of our Large Group productions through lights, sound, music, and creative videos. Teaching Team Make the Bible come alive! Storytellers and hosts work as a creative teaching team to instill Biblical truths to children through Bible stories, puppets, drama, games, and object lessons.

Parent Resources

{section}Parent Resources{/section} The best opportunities to bring God into your home often occur at the dinner table, during bed time, or while riding in the car – and we want you to be prepared to make the most of every moment. A passionate North Way Kids team is busy making the 50 hours a year we have with your child count, but our 50 hours is nothing compared to your 3,000 hours. We want to partner with you so that your child grows up knowing Jesus. Help us to help your child by making these things a priority for your family: Bring Your Kids To North Way Kids When your child consistently comes to North Way Kids, they will feel safe and accepted as they develop meaningful relationships with their leaders and make friends in their class. Each week, they will discover a new Biblical truth that will build the foundation for Godly character. Talk About Kids Church Lessons at Home You have the greatest influence on your child’s faith. Every week, as your child leaves their North Way Kids experience, they will receive a take-home resource that will let you know what they learned that week. It also provides fun and engaging ways for you to go deeper in the same lesson with your kids at home. Spend Time in North Way Kids The best way to know what your child experiences and learns in North Way Kids is to be there! We ask all parents to show their kids that a shared church experience matters. When you volunteer in your child’s room, you model Biblical service – and you have tons to talk about at home. The Parent CUE App The Parent CUE App will help you connect your family to God’s story, uncover something about life, and experience all of it together! Videos, activities, songs, podcasts, and more revolve around a monthly life application, with specific prompts that encourage parents and children to continue the discussion together at home. Based on Deuteronomy 6:7, parents can follow these simple CUEs and make the most of everyday moments to instill faith and character in the hearts of their children. The app directly connects to our North Way Kids curriculum (Pre-K & Elementary) and is updated weekly. You can download it for free at the App Store or Google Play.