Mary Cay

{section}Mary Cay’s Story{/section} Mary Cay is working to reach untargeted areas in the Himalayan region and equipping the Church in Asia for cross cultural evangelism. She is providing resources to the needy, uneducated, orphans and widows. Her passion for serving orphans is fueled by prayer. Please pray that God will prepare hearts to receive the love of Jesus and that the orphans will experience deep inner healing. Prayers are also appreciated for creative and effective ministry strategies for workers in this region: for opportunities in humanitarian aid, construction, and schools.  

About Asia

Asia is considered the largest, most populated and most diverse continent in the world. It is rich in diversity of history, culture, language, religion, and showcases spectacular physiographic extremes. Some of the major religions of this area are Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Christianity remains as one of the religious minorities in many of the countries in Asia. Many Christians must worship in secret or suffer severe persecution. {aside}{/aside} {aside}Ways to Pray 1. Invitations and transport into areas that haven’t heard the Gospel. 2. Wisdom and faith for believers.{/aside} {aside}Himalayan Facts Population: 5,2700,000 Countries: Nepal, India, Bhutan, China, and Pakistan{/aside}

Dr. Len & Debi

{section}Dr. Len & Debi’s Story{/section} Len and Debi reside in the United States, but minister regularly in Muslim countries. They and their family served 14 years in Asia among one of the world’s largest Muslim people groups. Len is a noted strategist, educator, inspirational speaker, and consultant to humanitarian organizations in the Islamic world, and is the author of numerous scholarly articles. Debi is a nurse midwife and licensed spiritual director. Together they travel regularly to Asia to coach, advise, and oversee field workers – as well as mentoring and preparing a new generation to reach out with love and respect to Muslim peoples. Though they do not currently live there, Len and Debi were born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. They have three adult children and three grandchildren.  


Muslims are the largest block of unreached peoples in the world. Most Muslims have never met a true Christian, read the Bible in their language, or heard the Good News. Years of conflict, extremist religion, failed governments, joblessness, and instability have led to widespread disillusionment, frustration, and migration. These dynamics present unique opportunities for Christian love, hospitality, and witness. Though some lands are officially “closed” to Christianity, and the risk of persecution is extreme, there are small but growing numbers of local believers. Seeds of hope are being sown through radio broadcasts, social media, the Jesus Film, Bible and literature translation, and other media in local languages. {aside}{/aside} {aside}Ways to Pray 1. That God will protect, anoint, and use the witness of Christian believers, and provide the fellowship, support, and healing they need. 2. For ongoing Bible translations, radio broadcasts, and audio Scriptures in the languages of Central Asia peoples. 3. For creative ways to reach the women of the community.{/aside} {aside}Key Facts Predominant countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Population: Afghanistan 53 M, Pakistan 193 M, Iran 80 M, UAE 9.5 M Major Religion: Islam{/aside}