Daniel & Jessenia Bain

{section}Daniel & Jessenia’s Story{/section} Daniel and Jessenia have been called by the Lord to stand in the gap and make up a wall (Ezekiel 22:30) for families living in the Managua, Nicaragua city trash dump. They stand in prayer, seeking the Lord for His strategy to build His walls of salvation (Isaiah 60:18). This happens first in the Spirit, that then God’s children may be delivered to see Him as their loving Father and find their true identity in Him. With Christ as the foundation, families can be rebuilt, restored, and repaired to be priests of the Lord and ministers of God (Isaiah 61:4,6). Daniel and Jessenia supervise Casa Libertad y Sanidad, a home for at-risk children of the families who live in the trash dump. The children go to school and live in a safe environment while growing into responsibility. The primary focus is the children’s and their parents’ spiritual deliverance and healing – that they would know their identity in Christ to then allow Him to build their house (Psalm 127:1). Daniel was born and raised in the North Way Community before moving to Nicaragua in 2005, while his parents Bruce and Kathy continue to faithfully serve the congregation. He and Jessenia married in January 2010. Ministry Blog

About Nicaragua

Located in Central America, Nicaragua is home to active volcanoes and lush jungles. After nearly two centuries of dictatorships and civil wars, many people are still suffering from divided politics and deep poverty. Stable families are a rarity and many children are at risk for physical, verbal, emotional, psychological, and spiritual abuse. Around 75% of the population is under the age of 30, so it is vital that educational and governmental systems acquire adequate resources and policies to protect this generation. {aside}{/aside} {aside}Ways to Pray 1. Quality education systems and well-trained teachers able to recognize signs of child abuse and proactively deal with behavior issues. 2. Equipped churches ready to engage young people with the Gospel message. 3. Political stability and reconciliation after centuries of division and trauma in Nicaragua. {/aside} {aside}Nicaragua Facts Population: 6,151,000 Capital: Managua Primary Religion: Christianity Language: Spanish{/aside}

Dr. John

{section}Dr. John’s Story{/section} Dr. John Abraham has faithfully served in India, providing medical and spiritual aid to the poor for many years. Dr. John’s wife, Ammini passed away in 2018 (12/25/43-9/16/18). We celebrate her life lived to the glory of God! Dr. John runs a community health service that promotes healthy behavior, wellness, and prevention, and works to increase access to health care for children with malnutrition. He also works to provide training opportunities for families, encouraging them to live healthy lifestyles and improve their physical and spiritual health. Dr. John believes God is the Great Physician and He brings physical and spiritual healing to those in need.

About India

India is rapidly emerging as a world power in business and technology. Growth provides much hope for progress, but this newfound prosperity must spread to every echelon of society for India to see true change. Poverty is perpetuated by a ruthless caste system, with hundreds of millions plummeting into the throes of destitution, disease, and abuse. Among these are millions of orphaned children, who are vulnerable to the vices of bonded labor and human trafficking. India is one of the world’s most culturally and linguistically diverse nations, so it is paramount that the Gospel is shared through indigenous expressions of faith. {aside}{/aside} {aside}Ways to Pray 1. For the spiritual and physical well-being of the children and families that are being cared for. 2. For the resources needed to provide medical and spiritual aid to those that are being served.{/aside} {aside}India Facts Population: 1,342,512,706 Capital: New Delhi Primary Religion: Hinduism Language: Hindi{/aside}