Charlie & Sharon Beck

{section}Charlie & Sharon’s Story{/section} Charlie and Sharon became official North Way partners in 2011 when Charlie transitioned into full-time ministry from his position as North Way’s Missions Pastor. They founded MTEC International (Mobilizing, Training, Equipping, Connecting to the Nations) in 2008, working to train and mentor university students to effectively reach the nations for Christ, thus raising up the next generation of missionaries.  

About College Ministry

The years one spends in college are some of the most formative. College has a profound and lasting impact on a person’s development, including their spirituality, relationships, independence, and career. While many students enjoy newfound freedom, just as many struggle with setting healthy boundaries with friends and family. Especially in America, students face very real temptations such as alcohol, drugs, premarital sex, and various philosophies that attack the Christian worldview. Now, more than ever, it is increasingly difficult to be a Christian on a college campus. However, college students have great potential to reach their peers and the nations if their leadership skills are honed and their spiritual foundations are strong. Discipleship proves to be one of the most effective ways of helping college students reach their potential in Christ. Please pray that more godly leaders will desire to sow into the lives of students and help prepare them for a lifetime of following Jesus! {aside}{/aside} {aside}Ways to Pray 1. Religious freedom at academic institutions plus favor, integrity, and excellence to be a witness to professors and peers. 2. Boldness to defend their faith within academia. 3. Discipleship and leadership training for Christian students.{/aside} {aside}Key Facts Home City: Pittsburgh Colleges reached: 32 (or more) Total students reached (including both full-time and part-time): 75,800 (or more){/aside}


{section}Nathan’s Story{/section}   This partner provides for humanitarian and leadership development needs. He leads the ministry of China Harvest, Inc., which networks with North American and international partners to provide for humanitarian and leadership development needs in Asia. Please pray for new opportunities to arise for Christians to enter the country and show God’s mercy through humanitarian aid, agricultural training, language instruction, and business.  

About Asia

Asia is considered the largest, most populated and most diverse continent in the world. It is rich in diversity of history, culture, language, religion, and showcases spectacular physiographic extremes. Some of the major religions of this area are Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Christianity remains to be one of the religious minorities in many of the countries in Asia. {aside}{/aside} {aside}Ways to Pray 1. Liberty for the millions trapped in this harsh regime and healing for the persecuted. 2. Religious freedom and copies of the Bible for the underground churches.{/aside} {aside}Key Facts About 215 million Christians experience extreme persecution Top 10 countries involved in persecution: North Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Eritrea.{/aside}