Gospel of Mark Reading Plan

{section}Reading Plan – The Gospel of Mark{/section}
Week of March 20: Mark 1:1-2:12 Week of March 27: Mark 2:13-3:35 Week of April 3: Mark 4:1-5:20 Week of April 10: Mark 5:21-6:44 Week of May 22: Mark 6:45-8:10 Week of May 29: Mark 8:11-9:32 Week of June 5: Mark 9:33-10:45 Week of June 12: Mark 10:46-12:17 Week of July 10: Mark 12:18-13:31 Week of July 17: Mark 13:32-14 Week of July 24: Mark 15 Week of July 31: Mark 16 {linkbox}Resources|https://www.northway.org/wp-content/uploads/The-Gospel-of-Mark-Bookmark_PRINT.pdf|Download and print the bookmark|https://www.northway.org/wp-content/uploads/The-Gospel-of-Mark-Bookmark_ONLINE.pdf|Download the interactive PDF{/linkbox}


{section}Message Series: “Fight”{/section} What does it take to win a fight? Preparation, training, coaching, determination, courage. The best fighters also know it is crucial to understand your opponent, to know their style, to study their strengths and weaknesses … then fight! We seldom realize it, but we are engaged in a fight – one in which lives and souls are in the balance. Jesus’ description of our opponent is formidable: a liar, thief and murderer. Like a good prizefighter, we must learn to recognize and respond to our opponent’s fight plan, to move, to duck, to punch and counter-punch. Join us for this three-week series as we identify our opponent’s schemes and learn to fight. {linkbox}Resources|/wp-content/uploads/fight/Confidence.pdf|Confidence| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Confusion.pdf|Confusion| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Declaring-Your-True-Identity.pdf|Declaring Your True Identity| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Deliverance-from-Debt_revised.pdf|Deliverance from Debt| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Depression.pdf|Depression| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Discouragement.pdf|Discouragement| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Divine-Protection.pdf|Divine Protection| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Fear.pdf|Fear| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Financial-Trouble.pdf|Financial Trouble| /wp-content/uploads/fight/For-Who-I-Am.pdf|For Who I Am| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Hearing-God.pdf|Hearing God| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Marriage.pdf|Marriage| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Knowing-the-Will-of-God.pdf|Knowing the Will of God| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Knowing-You-Have-Gods-Favor.pdf|Knowing You Have God’s Favor| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Romans-8.pdf|Romans 8| /wp-content/uploads/fight/Temptation.pdf|Temptation| /wp-content/uploads/fight/You-are-Free-and-Safe.pdf|You are Free and Safe| /wp-content/uploads/fight/You-are-Loved-and-Significant.pdf|You are Loved and Significant{/linkbox}