{section}Heather’s Story{/section} Heather Brown is the Director of Mobilization for TeachBeyond.  Heather began serving with TeachBeyond in 2010 after graduating from Grove City College, and taught elementary and middle school students at Black Forest Academy in southwestern Germany for five years.  Since returning to the States in 2015, Heather has been based in Pittsburgh working in mobilization, which includes regional recruiting, mentoring applicants, and leading the mobilization team.  Heather loves having a front-row seat to God calling people into global missions and is praying for more workers for the harvest (Luke 10:2)!  

About TeachBeyond

TeachBeyond is a mission organization focused on educational ministry around the world. God is transforming the world through education! TeachBeyond is focused on providing Gospel-centered education to impact individuals, communities, and whole societies. Click here for a video about TeachBeyond! {aside}{/aside} {aside}Ways to Pray 1. Safety and energy in traveling. 2. Wisdom, courage, and creativity to lead the mobilization team well. {/aside} {aside}TeachBeyond Facts Serving over 50 countries Over 600 members Approximately 1,000 volunteers{/aside}


{section}Sandra’s Story{/section} Sandra is purposed to help people find freedom in Christ while pursuing holistic healing. Working in health care, she serves to be an agent of Christ’s healing to people who have often never heard the healing, saving name of Jesus.  She is teaching in her field to build capacity in countries with limited health care access, knowledge and resources.  Sandra eagerly awaits the day when the true freedom of the triune God widely flows through Southeast Asia. Please be praying for open doors for the Gospel to be shared in culturally relevant ways and ready hearts to receive Jesus.  

About Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia consists of countries that are geographically south of China, east of India, north of Australia and west of New Guinea. There are 705 total Unreached People Groups across Southeast Asia. Apart from Christianity, Islam and Buddhism are the other primary religions in the countries that comprise Southeast Asia. There is a great need for discipleship and Biblical literacy among the Church. {aside}{/aside} {aside}Ways to Pray 1. Breaking of cultural strongholds that have prevented the spread of the Gospel. 2. Indigenous believers to feel a burden to boldly share the Gospel within their own country.{/aside} {aside}Southeast Asia Facts Population: 643,532,000 Pop. in Unreached People Groups: 331,897,000 Percentage of Population Unreached: 51.6% Countries: 11{/aside}