North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

Sunday, August 5, 2018 | My Quiver is Full

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them! -- Psalm 127:3-5 The Bible is full of great truths. This verse is one of my favorites. I have a tattoo on my left arm with my children’s names written out inside arrows as a representation of this verse. After these last two weeks I feel I need to get at least another 21. Maybe more if you count all the other kids who blessed me this last week. While I could share so many examples I’d like to briefly share two. On Thursday I was gifted two bracelets from new friends. For many who would see them you wouldn’t think they are anything special. But to me they mean the world. They came from two beautiful, God loving, children who have next to nothing. They sleep on the floor in a room with all the other girls. They have been through more in there short lives then I have in my 32 years in this earth. And yet they are so full of love and joy. And gifted me with one of the few things they have. I won’t be taking these off for quite some time. They probably don’t realize how much these small gifts meant to me. I have so much hope to see someone so young filled with so much love given their circumstances. Another time I was blessed by one of the kids was during a time of worship and prayer. I had met a young lady earlier in the day and we talked about all the feelings she had and her fear of exams that were coming up next week. During the worship I felt led to pray for her. I began to pray and the words just flowed. I told her how much she was loved by God and me. I thanked God for the opportunity to meet such a beautiful young lady. And then I prayed for her exams. After praying we both stood there hugging for a long time. It was an emotional time of prayer for both of us. And I definitely felt God’s presence as we prayed. Certainly a memory I won’t forget. It’s been a hard 24 hours since leaving the kids Friday night. In my journal yesterday morning I started with two words. “I weep.” It’s going to be a hard transition back into the “real world.” While they are not my kids. They will be with me always. Dear God. Thank you for quiver full of arrows. For the joy they have brought me. For the love they have shown me. Lord give me the strength to carry on. I may no longer be in Cambodia. But my heart is. — John Hollenberger

Sunday, August 5, 2018 | Steadfast, Holy, Grounded, and Rooted

I have to admit it’s difficult to blog when at a loss for words. I also have to admit it’s difficult to pray when at a loss for words. But when we have nothing to say, the Lord cuts through the silence. break every chain // safety // make it known // steadfast, holy, grounded, rooted // thank you Jesus, thank you Lord // highly favored, anointed Break every chain at the temple where the 81-year-old monk stood open to a group of Christians praying over him. Safety for the kids, the doors, the windows, the hotel grounds, the beach, the bus rides. Make it known to the 16-year-old girl that remains in my arms all day seeking comfort that she has a Father in heaven that loves her despite not having an earthly father. Prayer for the new NHO Children’s home to be built on land that remains steadfast, holy, grounded, and rooted in God’s promises no matter what comes it’s way. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord for every child, teammate, National and international volunteer, SEAPC staff member that I’ve crossed paths with; for every moment. The people of Cambodia are highly favored and anointed by our Creator. Each of them is so perfectly loved by our Father in heaven. And that perfect love they openly receive is put back into the world through their joy, laughter, kindness, hugs, dance moves, worship, prayer, care, patience, and love. Upon leaving the States for Cambodia, I had been wrestling with my prayer life. Upon leaving Cambodia for the States, I can confidently cling to the phrases God puts on my heart when I am at loss for words. — Cassy Rosemeyer