North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

June 25, 2019 | Honduras CCI

Now that the CCI camp with AFE children is over, our group has enjoyed some awesome time of rest and reflection over the past couple of days. We spent the night in Valle de Angeles immediately after the camp where we shopped, ate, and enjoyed the cool weather. Then we returned to Lisa Anderson-Umana’s house for the last two evenings for Bible studies, cultural reflection exercises, and, of course, the annual tradition of the celebration dinner with CCI staff members and our host families. That’s always one of the highlights of this Honduras trip. We did a night hike last night as part of our reflection time, and that was a new experience that everyone enjoyed. Overall, the team is doing well, and we’re ready to fly home tomorrow. Many lives were impacted on this trip, and the local leaders in Honduras led our team closer to the Lord through their hospitality and many investments in us this week. We’re thankful to our Honduran friends and to God for this amazing experience!

June 24, 2019 | Honduras CCI Update

We had an incredible camp with CCI and the young people from AFE. Our group is tired, but our hearts are full because everything that God had done. Our team worked hard to set up a tent village for everyone to sleep at night, we prepared a scavengar hunt, some of us served as counselors, we worked together on some great craft activities, we established some strong relationships, and we supported the CCI local leaders as they led the children into the presence of the God through Bible studies and one on one times together. Now that the camp component is over, our group is exploring Valle de Angeles today before heading back to Lisa’s house to debrief the camp experience. We’re already seeing some amazing stories of God’s transforming power taking place in people’s lives. All glory belongs to God.