August 2, 2019 | Time to say goodbye

Today we visited with the HIV families and did our last round of ministry. We were able to visit the Mae Fa Luang flower gardens. It rained while we stopped for lunch, the rain ceased while we walked through the garden and then picked back up again when our tour was over. God has been looking out for us the whole trip, even in the smallest ways. We were also able to visit Tham Luang, the cave where the soccer team was stuck for 10 days last summer. Very close to Bill and Susie’s house! It was the first time anyone had been able to visit it, and the statue they have in memory of Sam, the diver who found the team but lost his life, is beautiful. The evening consisted of sharing memories from the week and then exchanging gifts with our prayer partners. Some tears were held back, but we are all feeling sad the trip is over. It will be good to go home and share the stories of the many ways the students, Bill and Susie, and everyone at S2S have touched our hearts and changed our lives!

July 31, 2019 | It’s coming along…

Today most of the kids were at school again. Pedro, Anan, Asanee and Yohan were able to pitch in and help out. Today we put rocks and a little wall along the bottom of the greenhouse to keep the bugs from crawling in. We also had to sew sand bags together, using the extra netting, to hold down the screen sides along the back wall. The tables are in and needed all the weld spots treated with enamel to keep from rusting. Once all that was taken care of, we hung up a shade screen for days when it is really sunny. Because while plants do enjoy the sun, some green leafy vegetables would rather be a bit cooler. Donna and Scott donated 2 fans for the boys house and were also able to purchase a few English- Thai bibles for those wanting to study English. This was the team’s evening to lead worship and bible study. Michelle taught some of the songs in ASL for everyone to follow along so now we are working between 3 languages! A time to reflect on what we fear and what fear does to us, something for the students to continue thinking about after we leave.