Dan and Debbie’s Story

  Dan and Debbie have been North Way partners since 1999 when they moved to Thailand; their combined ministry experience spans 33 years of full time service in 27 countries. They founded Firstlight International in 1997, with the purpose of reaching the nations of Southeast Asia with the gospel. After the tsunami of 2004, they felt strongly led to begin a foundation in Thailand to bring hope and connection to impoverished families, especially focused on single parent families with a multi-faceted approach, changing lives and transforming communities through health, education, moral, economic and community development. They are currently splitting their time between Pittsburgh and Asia ministering in many settings to impart a release of hunger for God, His will, His word, and His purpose into the lives of others. Their passion is to see the next generation of Jesus lovers rise up and bring God’s love to this time in history.

About Thailand

Located in South East Asia, Thailand is home to majestic mountains, coastal landscapes, and complex river systems that provide irrigation and transporation throughout the country. Countless rice paddies have made Thailand the world’s largest exporter of this agricultural staple. Bustling cities like Bangkok have invited tourism, although Thailand has traditionally resisted Western influences. The people remain deeply rooted in Buddhism and Animism, uniting these religious elements with their cultural identity.

Ways to Pray 1. Families Without Fathers, a Firstlight project that’s providing school fees and related supplies for 69 children from 47 families in 6 locations. 2. The homes and area schools where the Eckers share the love of Christ through prayer and Bible study. 3. Evangelism efforts in Myanmar.

Thailand Facts Population: 68,272,872 Capital: Bangkok Primary Religion: Buddhism Language: Thai