David’s Story

David Ebert has been working with Overland Missions since 2010. The focus of the ministry is on remote and unreached tribes around the world. David has spent time among the mountain people of Patagonia, the Satare Maue Indians of Amazon, and the Tonga tribe of southern Zambia. In 2017, he became part of a team that is bringing the Gospel message to the Bemba tribe of Northern Zambia. As the message of Jesus Christ goes forth, David has seen lives impacted for eternity. Healings and miracles are proof that God has not forgotten these beautiful people.

About Zambia

Many Zambians are syncretistic Christians, entrenched in witchcraft and animism. Although officially the government proclaims righteousness, corruption is a major concern and has left over 85% of the population struggling in poverty. The country has suffered from an AIDS epidemic, and Operation World reports that “almost 75% of Zambian households care for a relative orphaned by AIDS.” Zambia is a “landlocked island” of peace amidst a region rife with political turmoil. There is a need for genuine Christians to minister to the refugees, the orphans, and the widows.

  Ways to Pray 1. That the Church will be purified from all occult practices and that truly Biblical expressions of faith will emerge. 2. Protection for children and teens, especially child brides and those struggling with poverty.

Zambia Facts Population: 17,102,000 Capital: Lusaka Primary Religion: Christianity Language: English