Derek & Holly’s Story

Derek has been working to see the least reached peoples of East Asia reached with the Gospel. He trains local believers to plant reproducing indigenous churches that have a strategy to reach each and every member of their people group with the gospel. Over the years he has seen more than 400 churches planted, with many in areas where there previously had not been any Christians at all. Derek also oversees 40 missionaries working in the region, equipping them to reach even more people groups who have yet to hear the Good News. Holly directs a Safe Home for victims of sex trafficking. She works with Living in Liberty, a non-profit that provides a warm loving environment in which women can heal physically, mentally, emotionally. She helps volunteers build relationship with residents by modeling Jesus’ love and compassion via providing transportation to an appointment or teaching basic life skills such as cooking a healthy meal. You are welcome to take part in combating human trafficking that’s happening in our own backyard. Take a stand, in the gap!  

About the Unreached

An unreached people is considered to be a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to minister to this people group without outside assistance. It is generally regarded as unreached where there is less than or equal to 2% of Evangelical Christians or less than or equal to 5% Professing Christians. The vision for these people groups is to see that each of them are reached by an indigenous church that focuses on effective evangelization.

Ways to Pray 1. Open doors for the Gospel to be shared in safety and ready hearts to receive Jesus as Savior. 2. Supernatural and miraculous manifestations of God among these unreached people groups in dreams, healing and visions. 3. For key influential leaders in political and societal strata who could pave the way for easy entry for those evangelizing.

Key Facts Unreached Population: 3,150,000,000 Unreached People Groups: 6,900 100 largest unreached people groups total about 1,818,844,000 people