An Exciting Final Day | March 10, 2017

What an amazing way to end a fantastic trip. We spent the afternoon at a Mosque observing an Islamic prayer. We learned a lot and met some very nice people. Our evening was full of dancing, singing, and a lot of laughing. The third annual talent show was held for the Nepali middle school and high school kids, their friends, and families. There were ten very impressive acts. Rachel, Kevin, and a YWAM staff member, Austin, were the judges for the night. After the talent show portion of the night was over, some of our team members had the chance to go on stage and sing “I Believe” for everyone. It was a very special moment. After that, I had the opportunity to share my testimony with everyone. I was very nervous, but I could feel God giving me strength and courage the whole time. It felt so powerful and special to be able to share my testimony with the Nepalis. This is something that I would usually never do, but this week has giving me courage that I never knew I had. Having kids come up to me afterwards and tell me that I did a great job, that it was very powerful, and that it touched them made all the nerves completely worth it. We spent the rest of the evening dancing and just having fun with all of the kids. It was the perfect way to end our trip. Speaking on behalf of our entire team, we have had the most life-changing, eye-opening, Jesus-filled week. We have formed incredibly strong relationships not only with the refugees, but with the whole YWAM staff, and each other. We did not know the YWAM members, and we did not know each other that well before this trip. Now we are all one giant family. Thank you for continuously praying for us and giving donations that made this trip possible. We could not have done it without your love and support. We plan to stay connected with YWAM, hopefully on a weekly basis. We pray that spring breaks will be spent with YWAM for many more years. -Sarah