February 1, 2017 | We made it!

We all arrived safe and sound in Haiti! We had a beautiful view of the landscape on our way in today. It was clear and sunny and the mountains were lovely. The airport was a little hectic, but we made it out relatively quickly with all of our luggage (30 bags — we had a lot of wonderful donations to bring down). We were all relatively quiet on our drive out to Joshua House because there was so much to take in. We watched people selling merchandise, carrying laundry baskets on their heads, riding on tap-taps (taxis), just to name a few things. We also saw pigs, dogs, cows, goats, and baby goats! They were just roaming the roads. Linda and I tried our best to convince Sandy to let us bring a baby goat home, but she wouldn’t budge. After we got settled in at Joshua House, we walked down to the IDADEE orphanage, where we spent a little bit of time just playing and hanging out with some of the kids there. We all had a great time, and the kids were so sweet and so excited to see us. After we got back to Joshua House, we had a delicious dinner of fried chicken, potatoes, and salad and spent a little bit of time reflecting on our day before hitting the (cold) showers. We will be heading to the EBAC orphanage tomorrow to help with some tutoring and spend some time with the kids there. But first we’re all going to crash. It’s been a very long but exciting day. ?