February 19, 2017 | Day Two: “We come to adore, we leave to serve”

Today was the first full day in Honduras, and it was full indeed. The morning started with breakfast at the hotel. We then enjoyed a short presentation by Maurice, one of the Honduran Buckner reps. He spoke about Buckner and their role here in Honduras. Their main goal is to teach and guide families to help launch them into a physically, mentally, and financially safer way of living. He continued to explain their expectations of us while here and the main needs they have including: personal hygiene, nutrition guidance, and water filtration. We will be addressing these more in the days to come!! After Maurice finished his presentation, we left to go to church, but made a quick stop at the local market. We were immediately greeted by fresh flowers at the entrance and women making homemade tortillas. As we explored, there were floor to ceiling hand painted trinkets, soccer jerseys, and other Honduran souvenirs. After a few purchases, we left for Sunday morning church at Iglesia de Nazarena. There were two signs hanging inside. One read “Entramos para adorar” (we come to adore) and the second read “Salimos para servir” (we leave to serve). After a few hours there, I can attest that these folks truly adore their Savior- as evidenced by how they treated each other. The service was very relational including taking an offering for a member who was hospitalized, celebrating a member’s birthday, and when given a few moments to say hello to those around you, it seemed that everyone shook hands and greeted everyone!! Pastor Victor took the stage and started his sermon referencing Luke 6:43-45. What a sweet reminder that our lives should reflect the fruit of the spirit. “Each tree is recognized by its own fruit.” Following the service, we had lunch at a beautiful garden restaurant called Angeli Gardens. Finally, after much anticipation we headed to Las Brisas, where Family Hope Center is located along with the surprise Andy mentioned in the previous blog. Once there, we were greeted with the warmest of welcomes I have ever experienced! 40 some children and their mothers were lined up singing and cheering, grinning ear to ear as we walked in! We were then led to a table and were graced with a little taste of the Honduran culture! 7 of the sweet kids prepared a dance for us (which we all joined in on, naturally) and the mothers prepared some traditional Honduran food for us to try! The whole welcome was overwhelming and gave me so much hope and joy for the week to come. After mingling and meeting some of the mothers and children, with Fer and Josè Manuel (our translators) attached to our hips, we were blessed to be able to hand out school supplies (supplied by Buckner) to the children. Let me tell you, these bags all weighed more then most of the kids themselves! We called their name and they sheepishly yet excitedly ran up to get their new bag! The fun unfortunately had to come to an end, but will continue in mañana (still working on that whole Spanish thing). We left after hugs and went back to the hotel to regroup. We then went to dinner and enjoyed a crowd favorite ballenous. The final trip was back to the hotel for a quick spritz of bug spray and group devos and preparation for our first day working with the families of Family Hope Center, outside on this beautiful 75 degree night! Looking forward to reporting back tomorrow! Blessings from Honduras.