February 2, 2017 | Our first day at EBAC!

We spent our first full day in Haiti at the EBAC orphanage and school. After a delicious homemade breakfast, we headed to EBAC at around 7:30am. When we arrived, we met the wonderful women who run EBAC, Kathy and Alice, and then we had the pleasure of watching the children start their day with a solid 30 minutes of worship. They have the most beautiful voices! It was truly great to witness these kids joyfully glorify the Lord. After their worship time, the kids broke out into their classes. Our team split up with the different classes and attempted to help with tutoring. Those of us who went with the younger kids helped them read and sound out English words, while those of us who went with the older kids did our best to help with math and English. Several of the older kids were teasing us about getting some answers wrong. Their curriculum is challenging! One young man jokingly asked me if I even passed school: “Ou passé l’école?” ? After the lessons, we joined the kids in enjoying a meal that we provided for them: chicken, rice, plantains, beets, and cold bottles of soda! Everything was delicious, and the kids were tickled with their meals. After lunch, we simply hung out with the kids. They are so much fun! Some of us colored with the little ones, some of us helped with homework, and some of us just sat with the kids, which is really all that they want. They loved hearing about our families and seeing photos of our lives at home. A few of us girls started to get our hair braided, but we had to leave for the day before our hair was finished. I have no doubt that several of us will leave EBAC tomorrow with fully braided hair. It should certainly be noted that throughout the whole day, Bob and Mike were very hard at work with some of the men from EBAC giving the playground a much-needed upgrade. They are replacing the playground’s wood, which was rotted out, with concrete stabilized by sheet metal. The guys got the wood out and the metal down today, and they plan on mixing and pouring the concrete tomorrow. We all feel very blessed today; it was a truly wonderful day. We’ll be headed back to EBAC tomorrow for a fun-filled day of Kidz Church (Haiti-style)!