North Way Christian Community Church in Pittsburgh, PA

February 23, 2018 | First Day at EBAC

So we spent the day at the EBAC orphanage and oh, what a special day, it’s hard to find the best words. From the moment we exited the van, reunions were had and new relationships were formed in only ways God could orchestrate. Tutoring the kids was so much fun—the way their eyes lit up when they got it, and how hard they would concentrate on the tough subjects, was so neat to be a part of. After lunch, the teenagers and some of us had a great discussion and heart-talks about purity, while the kiddos got to have a rollicking good time with VBS-like games and crafts. Many of our lows today were leaving when it was time—goodbyes are never easy, especially here. The sounds of today are some that will never leave any one of us. The lilting, joyous laughter and squeals piercing the air in between Haitian Creole and English evoke a picture of God smiling. The open hearted, unconditional love of these children upon first meeting; the drive and hard work ethic; the love of learning; and how well the kids care for one another? Overwhelmingly some of the most beautiful people we have ever been privileged to meet and know. At the end of today, we closed with another high: extended worship back at Joshua House led by two Haitian brothers with such burning hearts for Jesus. The Holy Spirit was enormously present in every moment of today.